Jio Postpaid Plus: how Airtel and Vi users can use existing credit limits and port to Jio

On: October 14, 2020

Reliance Jio introduced its Postpaid Plus plans last month starting from Rs 399. These plans from the telco offered benefits such as unlimited voice and video calls, complimentary OTT apps subscriptions, data rollover up to 500GB and cheap international calls. Jio also announced free-of-cost mobile number porting to Jio Postpaid Plus plans for existing postpaid customers of other telcos.

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To make it appealing for other customers to switch, Jio also introduced a convenient carry forward credit limit feature. Using this feature, postpaid customers of other telcos like Airtel and Vi can switch to Jio and also carry forward the credit limit from existing operators. Let’s take a look at what is it and how it works.

What is Jio carry forward credit limit?

Jio allows existing customer of other telcos to carry forward their credit limit

Jio allows existing customers of other telcos like Airtel and Vi to carry forward their credit limit

The postpaid credit limit refers to the maximum amount you are eligible to spend during one billing cycle. This credit limit is increased over time depending upon the profile and usage of the individual. In case the user decides to port to another telco or simply make a switch to another network with a new number, they have to begin with a minimum credit limit all over again.

In order to save this inconvenience for those wishing to port to Jio Postpaid Plus plans, the Mukesh Ambani-led telco has introduced the carry forward credit limit. As part of this initiative, willing users will be able to carry forward their credit limit from the existing operator without any charge. This will help those who have a much higher credit limit on their existing network.

How to carry forward credit limit while porting to Jio

Interested users wishing to port their numbers to Jio Postpaid Plus plan in three simple steps.

  1. WhatsApp “Hi” to 8850188501 from the number they wish to port
  2. They will be required to upload the postpaid bill from the existing operator
  3. After a period of 24 hours, users can visit the nearest Jio Store to pick up their Jio Postpaid Plus SIM card and desired credit limit

Users will also be able to call and schedule home delivery of their postpaid SIM. Notably, Jio doesn’t charge any security deposit from those who are porting from another operator.

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