JK Tyres launches smart tyre sensors for cars and bikes

Indian tyre manufacturer JK Tyres has launched the first smart tyre sensors in the country powered by Treel. The technology is capable of monitoring and providing real-time information about the condition of tyres using IoT sensors. The company has introduced a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to monitor the tyre’s vital statistics including pressure and temperature. In a statement, JK Tyres Marketing Head, Amit Gujral said, ‘The Smart Tyre solution is equipped with some exciting advanced functionalities that will provide real-time information about the health of the tyres via Smart Sensors, which enhances the safety, security and performance of vehicles.’ 

Users can monitor tyre pressure, temperature and more via the companion Treel Care app

The smart tyre sensors are available for all types of cars and bikes, and need to be fitted into each tyre. For cars, individual sensors are connected via a valve placement, while for bikes, they are fitted via a belt around the rim. The smart tyre sensors can detect tyre pressure and temperature in real time, and relay information to the app via Bluetooth. 

Apart from the basic sensors, users can also opt for the MTrac Smart Sensor Kit, which includes a GPS monitoring system. This monitors the location of your car or bike in real time, and provides additional features like tow away alerts and engine on/off status. The module features a GPRS-enabled SIM card, for which a one year subscription is included in the price. After this, the subscription is priced at Rs 2,400 per year. Finally, the MPower Smart Sensor Kit includes both the tyre sensors and GPS tracking, plus an additional module which monitors your engine health. This kit is available only for cars.

The companion Treel Care app is available for both Android and iOS and lets you monitor up to 10 vehicles. It provides voice notification alerts and cloud-based data backup. JK Tyres claims that the sensors can extend the life of a user’s tyres and reduce fuel consumption and other maintenance expenses. Notably, the sensors can be used with any tyre brand, and are not limited to JK Tyres alone. 

JK Tyres has priced the Smart Tyre sensor car kit at Rs 7,499, which includes five sensors. For Bike owners, it will cost Rs 2,499. The MTrac Smart Sensor Kit is priced at Rs 13,499 for cars and Rs 8,499 for bikes. The MPower Smart Sensor Kit for cars is priced at Rs 16,499. The tyre sensors come with 3+ years of battery life. The product is available for purchase from JK Tyre brand stores called Steel Wheels and Express Wheels, as well as leading multi-brand tyres and auto accessories outlets. Online, it will be available via Amazon and

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