Joshua Tree and Godin Gyaan

Irony: Things have been going faster than what we were prepared for and we are slower than what we wanted to be.

Over the past couple of months we have had a number of Voyages, meeting Saints of the business world, learning the ropes, perfecting our trajectory. The whole process of getting together and figuring what to do, reminds us of this episode from Entourage. We have some direction, thanks to all who spent time with us, sent us notes, either via the Feedback form or a bit more publicly on twitter. We appreciate all of it.

Our time with the magic mushrooms under the Joshua Tree has been fruitful. We are gearing up to roll out some new features and answer some very well received criticism over the past few weeks. Honestly, we should have launched on day one with some critical features in place, but then, we wanted to ship. Ship early. While we did our bit to keep a low profile, but when baba is on tapasya, that doesn’t happen. So, here we are, all excited, testing our guts … inspired by Godin’s latest, stepping out of our closet, all excited to face the real world, once again 🙂

Joshua tree and godin gyaan



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