Kannitheevu OTT Release Details: Female-Centric Thriller ‘Kannitheevu’ streaming now on Simply South


  • Presented as a thriller, Kannitheevu captures the struggles, friendship, and victory of four female friends
  • The film is said to have four strong female protagonists
  • Fans outside India can watch Kannitheevu on Simply South

Kannitheevu, a rare and exciting female-centric thriller film with an all-female protagonists, is now streaming for audience outside India. Presented as an action thriller, the film highlights the struggles of women in society. Details regarding the OTT release and streaming were announced recently.

Kannitheevu: OTT Release Date – When and Where to Watch

Touted as must-watch film for those who loves an intense action thriller, Kannitheevu is now streaming on Simply South. Fans outside of India can enjoy the film, however, the film is said to be a direct to television release for viewers in India.

Details regarding the streaming on Simply South were shared by the OTT platform recently, with a message that read, ““The women of #Kannitheevu are taking over the action genre – and you don’t want to miss it! Kannitheevu starring @varusarath5, @ashnazaveri, @Aishwaryadutta6, and @SubikshaOffl is OUT NOW and streaming on Simply South. Available worldwide, excluding India.”

Kannitheevu: Cast and Crew

Written and directed by Sundar Balu, Kannitheevu, an all-female thriller boasts of an ensemble cast of talented actors like Aishwarya Dutta, Subiksha Krishnan, Lollu Sabha Maaran, Motta Rajendran, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, and Ashna Zaveri.

The captivating background music has been given by R.S. Raj Prathap, and Chitty Babu has done the job as the cinematographer. The film editing was done by Lawrence Kishore. Makers have ensured that the film’s intense action sequences were well captured, making it an enticing watch.

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Kannitheevu: Trailer and Premise

The film follows the story of four long-time friends – Madhi (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar), Aishwarya (Aishwarya Dutta), Subhiksha (Subhiksha), and Kani (Ashna Zaveri) – who decide to fight against an anti-social problem in their neighborhood. While taking matters into their own hands leads them to victory, they come head-to-head in a battle with political bigwigs.

The attempt here is to capture the struggles of the four female friends, their friendship, and their victory from adversities in an enticing manner. Kannitheevu is filled with intense sequences which aim to keep the audience hooked.

Kannitheevu: Message from the Team

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar expressed her satisfaction with her role as Madhi in Kannitheevu by stating that films that revolve around female friendships in Tamil cinema are scarce. She was delighted to be part of such an interesting project, and even more thrilled with the film’s direct premiere. Varalaxmi also expressed her happiness that the film would be directly available to viewers via OTT platform.

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During a recent interview, director Sundar Balu further revealed that the film’s plot revolves around three women from North Madras who protest for an issue in their area. The protest initially brought them recognition, but it eventually led to trouble. A negative character affected by their protest seeks revenge, and the story follows how these women manage to escape from him.


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