Kantara (English) OTT Release Date: Rishabh Shetty’s Kantara to be available, in English, on Netflix from January 2023


  • The Hindi version of Kantara was released recently on the OTT platform, and fans have appreciated the film yet again
  • Kantara (English) will stream on Netflix from January 2023
  • The original Kannada version and other dubbed versions in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu are streaming on Amazon Prime Video. These can be watched with English subtitles

Blockbuster Kannada film, Kantara, starring Rishab Shetty in the lead role, has become one of the most popular films in the respective film industry. The audience showered tremendous love for the film in Kannada, and soon word of mouth spread vastly, pushing the makers to release the dubbed versions in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu languages.

Kantara hit the theatres on September 30, 2022, and over the first few weeks, the film successfully made a box office collection of over Rs 400 crores globally. After earning accolades from critics and fans during the theatrical run, the original Kannada version, along with the dubbed Malayalam and Telugu versions, made its way on Amazon Prime Video.

The Hindi version of the film was recently released, and the announcement was made in a different way by the lead actor himself. Fans can watch Kantara (Hindi) on Netflix. The makers have now stated that fans internationally who have requested the film to be released in the English language will not be disappointed, as the team has planned the OTT release of the same as well.

Kantara (English) OTT release date: Where and when can you watch it

While the Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil versions of Kantara are streaming on Amazon Prime Video, fans expected the remaining versions to also release on the same platform. However, the makers changed the decision and released Kantara (Hindi) on Netflix.

There are English subtitles available for people who don’t understand any of the four languages. 

Netflix, on December 7, 2022, took to Twitter to share the news about the Hindi and English releases and said, “Now screaming because Kantara is coming to Netflix in Hindi on December 9th and English in January.” While not much has been shared about the same, fans can watch Kantara (English) on Netflix in January 2022. The official release date of Kantara (English) on Netflix is awaited.

Kantara Cast and Crew

Presented as an action thriller, Kantara stars popular names from the Kannada film industry. Rishab Shetty plays the lead role and is supported strongly by Kishore, Achyuth Kumar, and Sapthami Gowda, among others. Besides the performances, the technical aspects of the film were also appreciated.

The filming of Kantara began in August 2021. The cinematography was done by Arvind S. Kashyap, and the score has been given by Ajaneesh Loknath. Action sequences, which play a major role in the film, have been choreographed by Vikram More, while the fantastic production design is managed by Dharani Gange Putra.

Kantara Story

Kantara sheds light on the concept of nature and human conflict, set in 1847 as the background, highlighting the traditional concepts of Bhoota Kola and Kambla cultures. People from smaller villages and towns of Karnataka often worship Bhoota, an Animist form of spirit, also known as Panjurli Daiva. Similar traditions are followed by selected communities in Northern Kerala, where the aim is to perform the rituals for everyone’s peace and happiness.

Talking about the film Kantara revolves around a rebellious man, Shiva, who does not believe the traditional concepts and nature. At a time when war begins between villagers and evil forces, he steps in to find ways to make peaceful pacts for the betterment of the village. What unfolds is a series of events where he faces challenges and obstacles that reveal unknown secrets related to old traditions. Will he change the mindset and bring peace and harmony back to the village what he does becomes the crux of the film. Sharing the official trailer, the production house mentioned, “Every clan has its own PRIDE & LEGACY. WARNING: Fury breaks out if invaded.

Kantara’s Varaha Roopam Controversy

Soon after the release, Kantara’s popular song, Varaha Roopam, landed in legal trouble as Kerala’s popular music band, Thaikkudam Bridge, took the filmmakers to court and alleged that Varaha Roopam was copied from their original song, which was released five years ago. Several posts were shared on social media, and the band received support from well wishes and fans. The band informed that legal action would be sought, and following this, a suit was filed before the Kozhikode District court and Palakkad District court, against Hombale Films.

Basis the case, the courts asked the makers to remove Varaha Roopam from the film, however, a few days later, the courts dismissed the plea, and the makers were permitted to add the song to the film. Following this judgement, Rishab Shetty took to Twitter to thank the fans for their support and said, “We have won the Varaha Roopam case with the blessings of the Gods and the love of the people. We are going to change the song on OTT platform very soon considering people’s request.”

Kantara Reviews and box office collections

Despite releasing along with big-ticket films like Vikram Vedha (Hindi) and Ponniyin Selvan: 1 (PS-1), Kantara made a remarkable name among the audience. Moreover, the limited availability of screens, regional language with limited reach and other factors did not affect the film negatively. On the other hand, the positive reviews from critics and fans and the quick word of mouth helped the film, so much so that Kantara was swiftly dubbed in other languages.

As per reports, the box office collections of the first few weeks were over Rs 400 crore worldwide. Critics called the film to be “visually sumptuous, instantly immersive spectacle mounted with extraordinary vim and vigour” and also complimented the performance of the main cast.

IMDb Rating: 9.4/10