Kevin Hart’s Lift: Release Date, Latest News, and Everything Else to Know

In 2024, Netflix will release Lift, a heist thriller starring Kevin Hart, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Vincent D’Onofrio, Sam Worthington, Jacob Batalon and Jean Reno. Here’s the release date, time, and more. This year, Netflix began its new year with Harlan Coben’s adaptation of Fool Me Once, capturing audience interest on New Year’s Day. Following that, the company released The Brothers Sun, Gyeongseong Creature Part 2, Society of the Snow and Good Grief.

Lift Release Date – When Can We See It?

This film, directed by F Gary Gray, will become Netflix’s first major release of 2024 at 12 a.m. PT / 3 a.m. ET on January 12, 2024. The ones residing outside the US can catch the movie at the following time, 

  • Brazil – 5 am
  • UK – 8 am
  • Central European Summer Time – 9 am
  • India – 1:30 pm
  • Australia – 7 pm
  • New Zealand – 9 pm

Lift Cast Members

The cast members include, 

  • Kevin Hart as Cyrus
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Abby
  • Sam Worthington as Huxley
  • Vincent D’Onofrio as Denton
  • Úrsula Corberó as Camila
  • Billy Magnussen as Magnus
  • Yun Jee Kim as Mi-Sun (credited as Yunjee Kim)
  • Viveik Kalra as Luke
  • Jean Reno as Jorgensen
  • Jacob Batalon as N8
  • Burn Gorman as Cormac
  • Paul Anderson as Donal
  • David Proud as Harry
  • Oli Green as Mollsen
  • Ross Anderson as Ross
  • Stefano Skalkotos as Stefano
  • Martina Avogadri as Leviathan Leader
  • Jess Liaudin as Arthur Tigue
  • Caroline Loncq as Sandra

Lift Storyline – What’s the plot?

According to the official synopsis, Lift centers around a team of highly skilled criminals, led by Kevin Hart’s character Cyrus Whitaker, who boldly attempt to pull off a mid-flight heist of $500 million in gold from a passenger plane flying at 40,000 feet. F. Gary Gray, the director who is famous for the 2003 remake of Italian Job, has expressed his passion for the heist genre. He believes that this genre provides a platform for unleashing creativity with the help of advanced technology, drawing inspiration from various cultures, and enjoying the process of working with a diverse cast.

In recent times, several heist stories have appeared on streaming platforms, making it a sub-genre of sorts. The storyline usually encapsulates planning, plotting, and the coming together of somewhat problematic individuals with separate motivations.  Moreover, because the job requires people to be sensitive about time – the narrative always seems to be well-paced. Therefore, we can expect a fun movie, full of thrills and power-packed performances! 

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