Kodak To Launch Its First Tablet In This Summer

Kodak, a name of the brand which once roared in the streets of photography. Well, ever the since the era of digital photography arrived, and finally, the smartphone photography hammered the final nail in the coffin.


Well, the hopes are still alive. The company is still trying to present itself in the consumer technology product market. Last year at CES, the company launched its first smartphone – Kodak IM5. It was marketed as an easy-to-use photography device. In October last year, the company unveiled its second smartphone – Kodak Ektra. Both of these smartphones were manufactured by Bullitt Group.


Now, the company is planning to bring Kodak branded tablet in the market. This time, the tablet is made by Archos, a French multinational electronics company. Kodak has chosen the French company as a licensee of the brand in the European market for the tablet.

As of now, the specs of the tablet are not known except that it will sport an 8-megapixel camera and will run on the Android operating system similar to Kodak smartphones. Tablets are generally not known as photography oriented product, and it doesn’t make any sense for Kodak to launch the tablet. Well, let’s see how they stand in the market.

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