Krafton bans 99,583 BGMI accounts for cheating, shares the list of defaulters

Krafton permanently banned around 1 lakh BGMI players within a week. The South Korean gaming company Krafton has been putting up with hackers for a long time. In fact, in the last few months, Battlegrounds Mobile India became a hub for hackers who use illicit programs and software to win matches. Between December 13th, 2021, to December 19th, 2021, Krafton took a major decision and banned 99,583 players.

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Previously, Krafton had banned over 25 lakh accounts and, also introduced a new anti-cheat mechanism. The hack detection system was able to detect and monitor hackers in real-time. Over 1 month, the company collected data for over 25 lakh users plus the new 1 lakh users, who were using illegal programs and hacks.

BGMI bans 99,583 accounts for using illegal programs and scripts 

BGMI anti cheat notice

On December 20th, 2021, the South Korean gaming company shared the news about the banning of 99,583 accounts. The company also shared a 722 pages PDF mentioning the names of the defaulters. These 99,583 accounts are now permanently banned from the game. 

In the post, Krafton mentioned the names of the players who tried to ruin the experience for BGMI players. Players can check out the official PDF here, and in case your account was banned, you can check your name in the defaulter’s list. 

How to protect your BGMI account from getting banned?

The rule of thumb says that refrain from using illegal programs or scripts. The developers behind BGMI can figure if you’re using any hack. In case you’re able to bypass the system, players will eventually report you for hacking. So the first rule is to not use any hacking programs or scripts. Additionally, you can also follow these methods to prevent your BGMI account from getting banned.

  • Do not use any third-party software to play the game
  • Avoid using unauthorised tools to interact with the game
  • Do not try to modify the game files
  • Play humbly and avoid killing your teammates in the squad or duo matches
  • Update the game to the latest version at all times
  • Avoid playing with hackers on your team
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