BGMI permanently bans 25 lakh user accounts in one month, introduces new anti-cheat mechanisms

  • Krafton permanently bans 25 lakh users in over a month in Battlegrounds Mobile India
  • The developer will introduce more powerful cheat detection and banning mechanisms
  • Permanent bans will be apply to accounts using illegal programmes and scripts

Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI is one of the fastest growing battle royale games in India. The game has over 50 million+ downloads on Google Play Store alone and it among the most popular video games in the battle royale genre in India. However, with so many players competing for the first place, it is inevitable that some of them will try to cheat inside the game using hacks and cheats. 

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In lieu of rising hackers, Krafton has reportedly removed 25 lakh user accounts between between October 1st, 2021 and November 10th, 2021. The South Korean game publishers have previously banned user accounts over fraudulent activities inside the game. To pursue a zero-tolerance policy towards cheaters, Krafton is running the next phase of Fair Gameplay to eradicate cheating inside Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India introduces new anti-cheat mechanisms

According to the new cheat detection system, Krafton will ban users who use unlawful methods. Here is a list of banning mechanisms Krafton has adopted for the new update. 

  •  The hack detection system will monitor cheating activities in real-time and ban users who use illegal programs
  • If found guilty of hacking, Krafton will impose Permabans on the account, making the user quit the game
  • The system will be the same for everyone, including beginner players and high ranking squads
  • If an illegal program is detected, Krafton will ban the account in real-time
  • The promotion of illegal programs on Youtube is also prohibited. If found guilty of such promotions, the channel in question will be banned immediately

What is Fair Gameplay in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Krafton is known for holding strict actions against hackers and cheaters inside the game. Recently, many users have reported a large number of hackers in BGMI. These hackers use illegal programs, scripts, and codes to manipulate the game. Winning matches using these programs is fairly easy. However, it brings down the morale of other players. These hacks include superhuman speeds, perfect head shots, invincibility and much more. Though the hacks might seem fun to some players, Krafton opposes the use of hacks, and illegal program in BGMI.

To support Fair Gameplay, Krafton is taking major initiatives to eradicate cheaters inside the game. In this line of new efforts, Krafton is set to ban all the hackers inside the game, making BGMI a hacker-free game.

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