Krafton suspends over 47,000 BGMI accounts: Here’s why 


  • Developer Krafton has banned 47,624 BGMI accounts
  • Krafton has previously introduced measures to eradicate cheating from BGMI
  • Players are recommended to download the game only from official sources

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) touched the 100 million registered users landmark in India not too long ago. But the game’s heightened popularity in the country has also given rise to cheaters/scammers. Such players try to beat the system or gain an advantage using nefarious tactics. Krafton, the developer behind the popular battle-royale title, is taking a strong stance against this practice by banning 47,624 accounts in the country.

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“Dear BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA fans, 47,624 accounts were permanently banned from 6/27 ~ 7/3. We would also like to present you the entire list of cheaters who have tried to ruin our Battlegrounds,” the BGMI team said, followed by a Google Sheets page containing the list of all banned accounts.

“BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will keep implementing sanctions against cheaters with the ultimate goal of eradicating the use of illegal programs in the game to provide users with a pleasant gaming environment,” the company added.

Krafton urges players to always download BGMI from official sources, such as the Play Store or App Store. Sideloading an APK or a cracked version of the game onto your Android device could potentially lead to a permanent account ban, as per the developer.

Ban Pan 2.0 brought additional curbs on cheaters

The introduction of Ban Pan 2.0 a few months ago managed to curb in-game cheating. It was likely responsible for the detection of the 47,000+ newly banned accounts. According to Krafton, Ban Pan 2.0 involves the scanning of the players’ devices for sketchy active apps in the background. The system will also look for other files that could affect normal gameplay. Additionally, the eagle eye system monitors gameplay for any activities that seem abnormal. These steps provide another layer of security against the culprits.

Cheaters tend to find new ways to gain an unfair advantage during gameplay. But Krafton has been actively trying to suppress those efforts. The latest ban on thousands of accounts is one of the many steps the developer has taken to maintain the integrity and fairness of this immensely popular game.