CES 2019: LG Debuts World’s First Rollable OLED TV

South Korean electronics company LG has introduced the world’s first rollable TV at CES in Las Vegas. The company showcased a prototype version at last year’s CES. Now LG is bringing its flagship 4K OLED rollable TV to market later this year.

The TV is dubbed as the Signature OLED TV R and can transform itself into three different viewing options (Full View, Line View, and Zero View) that let users decide the size of the screen. In Line View, the display drops down and only one-fourth of the panel will be shown. Users will have access to on-screen music controls as well as the option to control smart home devices. The TV screen disappears completely in Zero View to hide inside a base that is also a massive speaker. Users can still enjoy music and other audio content in this mode.

LG’s flagship TV sports a 65-inch screen with an OLED panel that produces bright output and an immersive viewing experience. When turned off, the screen drops slowly and steadily into the base. The device rolls up in 10 seconds when switched on.  It also comes with HDR support and smart TV capabilities similar to as LG’s other sets. It contains LG’s second-generation Alpha 9 processing chip for AI picture and sound.

LG has added support for Alexa voice controls in its webOS software. Another new addition is support for Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit which enables users to play videos from iTunes and other content from Apple devices. The Signature OLED TV R is equipped with a built-in 100W front firing Dolby-Atmos audio system.

Pricing & Availability:

Going by the features, you can expect LG’s new rollable TV to command a hefty price. The TV is expected to go on sale in the second half of the year.

Viraj Gawde

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