LineageOS (Formerly Cyanogenmod) Gets A New Logo

CyanogenMod is dead and now it’s a thing of past and that adds to just another reason to hate the year 2016. Well, one has to also keep in mind that, “What is dead may never die”. And, with that saying here comes the LineageOS – a successor of the CyanogenMod.

LineageOS logo

Last year was tough for the Cyanogen Inc which eventually resulted in the departure of the company from mobile operating system world. Well, that also lead to the death of CyanogenMod, a community build custom ROM which relied on Cyanogen for monetary support and shared source base.

But as they say, “The king is dead, long live the king!” The CyanogenMod community has chose to rebrand itself as LineageOS and close all ties with Cyanogen, as a company or brand. Well, the foundation of LineageOS is already laid and now it seems like it’s getting off the ground.

Recently, a XDA forum dedicated to LineageOS is now live where developers and the users can interact with each other about the development and other issues. The description on the XDA reads, “LineageOS is the successor to the popular CyanogenMod ROM. LineageOS intends to pick up where CyanogenMod left off, but with a redoubled focus on being a grassroots community-focused development effort.” Right now, as this article is being written, the polls are going on the LineageOS forum on XDA for choosing the nickname and the numbering system.  

Also, a LineageOS logo has also emerged with three interconnected dots on a green background. The meaning of the word ‘Lineage’ is described on XDA forums as “lineal descent from an ancestor; ancestry or pedigree. a sequence of species each of which is considered to have evolved from its predecessor.” Taking the meaning of its name in consideration, the logo is justifying its ancestry with connected dots.

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