List of all Vivo Smartphones That will get Android 8.0 Oreo Update

On: February 12, 2018

Since the launch of Android Oreo, smartphone makers are announcing their list of phones that will get the latest update. Now, Chinese manufacturer Vivo has announced the name of their smartphones that will be updated to Android Oreo. The brand also customizes the operating system with their own Funtouch OS so it will be upgraded to a newer version as well. Many other manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola and Sony have already revealed their list of phones that will get an Oreo update.

Vivo Smartphones that will get Android 8.0 Oreo Update:

The list as you can witness, doesn’t cover the whole spectrum of smartphones that Vivo manufactures. In fact, it only includes the ‘X’ series smartphones that aren’t even available in India. The ‘V’ and ‘Y’ series by Vivo are the most popular ones in India but unfortunately smartphones from both of them are missing from this list. So Indian Vivo smartphone users will most likely miss out on Android Oreo. And all of the phones not included in the list will have to settle with Android Nougat or an earlier version.

This doesn’t come as a big surprise as Chinese manufacturers aren’t known for pushing out disciplined Android software updates. Be it Vivo, Oppo, Meizu or even Xiaomi for that matter. However, Xiaomi does offer its latest MIUI update to all its smartphones, some even as old as 2012. This also ensures that Android security patches are delivered to these phones. Other brands should follow this pattern if they can’t manage to push out regular Android software updates to their phones.

So before you go ahead and purchase a new smartphone, keep in mind the number of software updates each brand offers. Apart from just looking at the hardware specifications to make a decision, it also makes sense to check on the software side of things. This includes checking whether the phone comes with stock Android or a custom UI and of course the brand’s commitment to offer consistent software updates.

To sum up about what the Android Oreo update will bring to the above listed Vivo phones, following are some useful features. The picture-in-picture mode will let you minimize an application in a small window and use another app simultaneously. The phone will boot faster in comparison to previous Android versions. There are notification dots and new emojis among a bunch of other minor improvements under the hood. However, Vivo hasn’t mentioned the timeline for these updates so you can expect it in the upcoming months.

The list of Vivo smartphones about to get Android Oreo will surely disappoint a lot of its loyal customers. We hope Vivo includes more smartphones the next time it decides to push out Android updates.


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