LML reveals three new electric two-wheelers, including an e-bike


  • While the Orion e-bike will be the first to reach India, the rest will only arrive by 2023
  • The company hasn’t shared detailed information on the pricing and hardware of the new scooters
  • This marks a comeback for LML after the manufacturer ceased operations in 2017

Scooter manufacturer LML has just shown off three new electric two-wheelers, including an e-bike, known as the Orion, as part of a showcase. This e-bike will make its debut first, while the LML Moonshot and the LML Star e-scooters will follow next year.

The LML Star will sit on top of the company’s newly unveiled electric two-wheeler lineup, featuring a fairly unique design. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not reveal the features and other hardware specifications of the LML Star.

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The LML Moonshot is slightly unconventional in terms of modern-day vehicular design, combining the attributes of a bicycle and a motorcycle. This means customers can either use the onboard accelerator to push forward or use the onboard pedals to serve the purpose. Of course, this isn’t particularly new to the world of two-wheelers, as mopeds have existed for a few decades now.

LML’s Orion is a more conventional bicycle embedded with an electric motor and a battery pack, which recharges itself with the movement of the pedal. The company had more information to share on this e-bike, saying that it is built using a “Hydroformed 6061” alloy frame, which enables LML to keep the weight down. Customers of the Orion e-bike will also find IP67 dust/water resistance, GPS navigation complemented by predictive route sensors, and haptic feedback.

Speaking about the company’s path since its closure in 2017, the Managing Director for LML, Dr Yogesh Bhatia said, “It’s been a long and arduous journey for the last couple of years and truly what has emerged is not just engineering marvels but a range of products which go beyond the product promise and deliver on an ‘Emotion’ which can only be experienced not expressed. Our products are poised to redefine the norms of personal and urban commute and set new standards of safety, intuitive intelligence, and unmatched ride quality to only name a few aspects.”

Will LML make an impact in the competitive electric scooter segment?

It’s no secret that the Indian electric scooter market is reaching new heights every other day. With a handful of manufacturers already operating in the region, consumers have a wider set of options to choose from, including the likes of Ola, Hero, Ampere, and many others. With LML’s electric scooter, the Star, only expected to arrive sometime next year, we fear it may be too late.

Meanwhile, with information on pricing and features relatively scarce right now, it’s hard to ascertain if LML’s new offerings will succeed in the Indian e-scooter market.

Via: 91Mobiles