LML’s Star e-scooter will be showcased at the 2023 Auto Expo


  • LML’s comeback in the scooter business will involve the likes of the Moonshot and Star e-scooters
  • The company also launched an electric bicycle named Orion a few months ago
  • While the LML Star is expected to arrive first, there’s no word on the release of the Moonshot yet

LML unveiled the Orion electric bicycle back in October last year, along with two e-scooters, known as Star and Moonshot. As per an unnamed top company official cited by Zee Business, the LML Star will be showcased at the upcoming Auto Expo 2023.

The automaker has already launched the Orion electric bicycle in the country, with the Moonshot and Star yet to break cover. Based on this new revelation, it seems like the LML Star e-scooter will be the first to break cover later this month.

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LML may offer additional information on the specs and other features of the Star e-scooter during the course of the 2023 Auto Expo. The Managing Director and CEO at LML, Dr. Yogesh Bhatia said, “We are ecstatic to present this engineering marvel to the world and at this auto expo we envision a future where Star is embraced by consumers as a stylish and intelligent mode of commuting around the globe. Paving our way to the e-mobility solutions we are also looking forward to sharing our insights on our global company strategy.”

The LML Star e-scooter

While the company understandably wants to keep some of the mystery alive, it shared that the LML Star will include a removable battery, ambient lighting, a tyre-pressure monitoring system (TPMS), and an interactive display. Convenience-oriented features like parking assist, hill hold, and reverse mode are also present on the e-scooter.

LML Star E-scooter Expected Pricing

Pricing is still a mystery, though based on the rumoured features, it could likely cost Rs 1 lakh and over (ex-showroom). This should make it an ideal competitor to the Ola S1 and S1 Pro lineup. Alternatively, LML may also choose to surprise the market by offering the e-scooter at a lower-than-expected price in a bid to boost early sales.

Via: Zee Business