Looking To Buy a New Flagship Smartphone? You May Want to Wait For These Five Devices to Come to India

There is never a wrong time to buy a smartphone honestly. What you buy today, will be old tomorrow. By the time the festive period ends, we will already be talking about the next batch of flagships, the likes of HTC 11 or the Galaxy S8. But, in the month of September, we are standing at crossroads. We have already seen most of the flagships come out, and the next batch of flagships that usually launch in the second half of the year are just around the corner. So, if you are looking to get yourself a top end smartphone, you just may want to wait a tad bit for these five wonderful devices. Some of the devices have already been launched globally but have not yet made their way into India. While the rest are just waiting to come on the stage. Either way, while the Galaxy S7 Edge or even the HTC 10 or the OnePlus 3 are perfectly awesome devices since you have waited so long, might as well allow the following to come to the market in India.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the latest flagship Note device from Samsung. The device takes everything that was good with the Note 5 and improvises it further. The Note 7 is a thing of beauty and an absolute speed demon if we are to go by the words of those who have used and reviewed the device in Western countries. The phone was expected to be launched in India on September 2nd but reported cases of batteries exploding has lead to Samsung recalling the phones back and stopping the sales globally. This means that even those who had pre-booked the phone have to wait. So, if you are looking for a phablet phone, and are an artist who loves to doodle along, you just may want to wait for the Note 7 a little more.

Apple iPhone 7

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 7 in an event to be held on September 7th. Given the track record of Apple, you could expect the iPhone to hit the Indian market next month or around the Diwali period. If you are an Apple user and are looking to upgrade your old iPhone, you may just want to hold your horses this month and get your hands on the latest flagship too. By all the industry reports, it does not look like Apple will be drastically redesigning the iPhone 7, but few important additions like a Dual Camera setup in the highest variant, removal of headphone jack, a new 3D Touch enabled Home Button may want you to consider the latest flagship device from the Cupertino-based company.

Moto Z

Motorola, or shall we say Lenovo has already announced the Moto Z in the United States. In fact, already three variants of the Moto Z have been announced, though not a single variant has gone on sale yet. It has been earmarked that the lineup will start selling around the second week of September and you could expect them to come to India by the coming month. Moto Z lineup is the first truly modular set of smartphones, and you can attach a jacket of accessories like a better speaker, camera module, or even a battery pack to them. So far, three variants of Moto Z have been announced, these are: Moto Z Play, Moto Z and Moto Z Force. The Play is most likely to be the first one to come to India as it is the least expensive of the three and features a terrific 3510 mAh battery, two requisites that are deal breakers when it comes to the market in India.

Pixel and Pixel XL

Google is expected to announce the new Nexus or as we know it now, Pixel phones on October 4th. There is no confirmation of the date, but if the rumors are to go by, we will have the new Google devices (known as Nexus earlier, but it looks like the Nexus branding is dying) by end of next month too, here in India. The two devices called the Pixel and Pixel XL are slated to have been manufactured by HTC and set to feature absolutely top of the line specifications including 4GB of RAM and 12MP camera. Given that HTC has made some of the most beautiful devices in the last few years, worth mentioning: HTC M7, M8, HTC 10, we would be willing to bet big that the Pixel and Pixel XL would be phones with pretty exquisite designs. If you are looking at Android as Google wants it, with a good design and not absolutely the most expensive hardware, the Pixel devices would be worth waiting for.

LG V20

LG has been teasing and tormenting everyone with the LG V20 for a while as a successor to the LG V10. The phone is expected to be launched globally on September 6th. Google has already acknowledged, that the V20 would in fact, be the first Android phone to ship with Android N, so it should be out in retail shops before the Pixel devices. However, with the V10 not coming to India, we would not be entirely shocked if LG does a disappearing act of the device in India. What makes the V20 unique other than the fact it comes with Android Nougat is its secondary display on the top of the primary 5.7-inch display.

However, if you just cannot wait and feel these dates are too far for your current smartphone to accompany you, there are a ton of good flagships out already. Go ahead and make your pick between the likes of Galaxy S7/Edge, HTC 10, Mi5 or even the OnePlus 3. 

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