Mahindra unveils five new electric SUVs, the first will arrive by 2024


  • These EVs will launch under XUV and BE monikers
  • The company provided info on all but one EV in the new lineup
  • Mahindra said it signed a term sheet with Volkswagen for MEB components

In an event held in London, Mahindra unveiled five new electric vehicles (EVs) meant for the Indian market as part of its “Born Electric Vision,” leveraging the newly announced INGLO EV platform. The five EVs will arrive under two different brand names — XUV and BE — with the latter meant only for electric cars.

Mahindra’s five new EVs include the XUV.e8, XUV.e9, BE.05, BE.07 and BE.09. The automaker said these EVs will leverage the Mahindra Heartcore design principle, adding that the first fully electric car will arrive only by 2024, which aligns with the release timeline of Ola Electric’s upcoming EV. Other cars in Mahindra’s new lineup will launch between 2024 and 2026, the company said.

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This launch event makes Mahindra’s ambitions for the EV segment pretty clear. The manufacturer said it is expecting sales of more than 2 lakh SUVs by 2027. Mahindra & Mahindra further disclosed the signing of a term sheet with the Volkswagen Group to obtain MEB (modular electric drive matrix) electric components for vehicles part of the new INGLO platform.

“The cooperation intends to have a volume of more than one million units over lifetime and includes the equipment of five all-electric SUVs with MEB components. In addition, the two companies will explore further opportunities for collaboration, opening the perspective towards a broader strategic alliance to accelerate the electrification of the Indian automotive market,” Mahindra said in a statement.

Launch schedule of Mahindra EVs

The XUV.e8 will be the first to reach Indian shores by December 2024, featuring dimensions of 4740x1900x1760mm. Second in line is the XUV.e9, launching by April 2025 and measuring 4790x1905x1690mm with a wheelbase of 2775mm.

Meanwhile, the BE.05 will be the third EV to launch in India in October 2025, bearing a wheelbase of 2775mm and dimensions of 4370x1900x1635mm. The BE.07 arrives in October 2026 carrying a similar wheelbase as the BE.05 and measuring 4565x1900x1660mm. No information was provided on the fifth EV in the lineup, the BE.09, but Mahindra said it will offer a “first class experience,” allowing up to four passengers.

While precise battery and charging information wasn’t publicised, the manufacturer said the EVs will come in battery capacity options between 60 to 80 kWh aided by 175 kW fast charging, juicing up the car by up to 80% in just under 30 minutes.

Performance-wise, the new EVs will utilize an all-in-one setup featuring an electric engine and a motor-inverter transmission consolidated in one unit. Customers will be able to choose between rear-wheel or all-wheel drive models, generating 170-210 kW and 250-290 kW of power. These EVs can reach speeds of 0 to 100 kmph within 5-6 seconds. Mahindra also discussed some of the safety features included in the new EVs, ranging from a structural cage to protect passengers and ultra-high-strength boron steel to shield the battery enclosure.

Lastly, these electric SUVs will also offer 5G capabilities, OTA (over-the-air) updates, an AR-based heads-up display and/or an edge-to-edge screen on the dashboard.