Man Loses Rs 44,782 While Ordering Alcohol on WhatsApp


  • A Mumbai-based lawyer lost his Rs. 44782 while ordering beer worth Rs. 360
  • The fraudster duped the lawyer into making multiple payments by sending QR codes

In today’s digital world, we have heard people losing money to fraudsters who pose as bank officials and show fear of having their cards or accounts blocked. But have you ever heard of someone being duped while purchasing a beer online? A 24-year-old lawyer working at a law firm in south Mumbai lost 44,782 in a series of transactions to a scammer posing as the owner of a wine shop.

How did the fraudster dupe Rs 44,782?

ordring on whatsapp

According to police, On October 26, 2022, the victim searched on the internet for local wine shops to get beer, and then he located a contact of a shop nearby. He didn’t get an answer when he called. However, the fraudster contacted him a few minutes later and requested to place an online order over WhatsApp. The lawyer initially ordered only one beer bottle, but when told that they accept at least two bottles, the victim placed an order for two beer bottles worth Rs. 360. The fraudster then issued a QR code on WhatsApp to complete the payment and Rs. 30 extra charges for delivery.

Later, the fraudster contacted the victim again and requested him to enter Rs 4,999 into a payment app to make a bill, promising him the money would not be taken. The victim followed the instructions twice, resulting in Rs. 99 and Rs. 4,999 being deducted from his account.

When the fraudster questioned why the money had been taken out to refund Rs. 5,497, he instructed the victim to scan the QR code. The victim took the advice, and another Rs. 5,497 was deducted from his account. After 8 transactions totalling Rs. 44,782 were deducted from the lawyer’s bank account.

The police later confirmed that the fraudster had blocked the lawyer’s phone number. The victim filed a complaint against the unidentified individual at the Cuffe Parade police station.

How to stay safe from such incidents? 

  • Never scan any QR code sent by strangers
  • Verify the business with which you are placing an online order
  • Order things from trusted and certified websites, apps, and sellers
  • If you are placing an order on WhatsApp, make sure that the account is genuine
  • If you have still made a mistake and lost money to fraudsters, contact the cyber crime cell immediately and share the transaction details to save the money

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