This is when Maruti Suzuki will launch its first EV


  • Maruti Suzuki opened a vehicle production unit and battery manufacturing across two states
  • The company also wants to launch smaller EVs for the Indian market
  • Maruti Suzuki will have plenty of competition in the EV business by 2025

While almost every Indian car maker has launched an electric vehicle in the market, Maruti Suzuki has been left behind, despite the announcement of the Futuro-e concept over two years ago. The company is now taking a crucial first step to rectify this with the setting up of a vehicle production unit in Kharkhoda, Haryana, spending Rs 20,000 crores on its development. More crucially, the manufacturer has also announced a plant to produce batteries in Hansalpur, Gujarat.

On top of these two units, Maruti Suzuki said it will also set up Suzuki R&D Centre India Private Ltd to refine its products. This unit, as per the company, will also assist in the development of new tech for Suzuki’s global markets. Chairman of Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL), RC Bhargava announced the establishment of the Suzuki Foundation.

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As GaadiWaadi notes, the battery production facility in Gujarat is part of the MoU(Memorandum of Understanding) signed between the Gujarat State Government and Suzuki Motor Corporation at the Indo-Japanese Summit not too long ago.

First Maruti Suzuki EVs to arrive by 2025

We’re at least three years away from the first Maruti Suzuki-branded EV to reach the Indian market. The first could well be the YY8 electric SUV, albeit with a different name. Moreover, this EV could also spur a Toyota version, with both expected to be sold domestically and overseas.

Although there isn’t a lot of information on the upcoming EVs, it is expected to feature the 40PL skateboard architecture, which is known to be modular, thus allowing the manufacturer to release multiple EV models with the same frame. Suzuki also wants to launch smaller EVs for India, based on the 27PL architecture.

Maruti Suzuki may have a new set of challenges to face when its first EV breaks cover in 2025. Tata Motors has established itself as a popular name in the nascent Indian EV industry. Moreover, Mahindra is expected to launch its first all-electric EV by 2024, so Indian consumers will have plenty of options to choose from.

Via: GaadiWaadi