You May Want to Wait Before You Purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 7 last month as the latest entrant to its flagship Note lineup. Since then, several members of the tech media have used the phone and written rave reviews about the same, often stating that the device is the best Android phone till date. While the Note 7 has not officially launched in India yet, with the sale set to begin tomorrow, you may want to hold off before you buy the phone just yet. The Note 7 is available on pre-order on select stores like Amazon in India, but it has been reported that Samsung has decided to stop the global shipment of its flagship device.

Note 7

It has been reported that there have already been reported cases of the battery of the device exploding rendering the device useless. Since this is a potential hazard to the user, Samsung has decided to investigate the issue further and for now, has stopped the global distribution of the phone. A spokesman of the company told Reuters, “Shipments of the Galaxy Note7 are being delayed due to additional tests being conducted for product quality”.

According to Yonhap News, a total of five devices have exploded without any warning and all of a sudden which has alarmed those at Samsung. It is not clear what is the reason behind these explosions and by when can we expect the rollout to begin again. With the sale beginning tomorrow, most likely the first batch of the units would already have been imported and if these are from the same batch, they could pose a problem. We await more details around the same.

via: FoneArena

Edit: The shipments of the Note 7 has been delayed in India due to the stated issue. As a result, those who had pre-ordered the phone and were expected to get it today, will have to wait a little bit longer before they can get their hands on the device.

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