MG Motor is planning an affordable EV for India: 5 things we would like to see


  • Details are scarce about MG’s 2023 budget EV, but it is likely to cost between Rs 11-15 lakhs
  • MG currently offers the ZS EV in India, with an advertised range of 461 km
  • Production of the new MG EV is likely to take place at the company’s assembly unit in Halol, Gujarat

Following the success of Tata Motors’ affordable EVs in India, particularly the recently unveiled Tiago EV, MG Motor India is also planning to join the fray. As per the company’s Managing Director and President, Rajeev Chaba, MG will release an affordable electric car for the Indian market between April and June 2023.


More information wasn’t provided, but ET speculates that the EV could be priced between Rs 11 – 15 lakhs when it debuts next year. This would pit it against the Tata Nexon EV, which also happens to be the cheapest EV in its segment.

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Tata Motors enjoys an 80% share in the Indian EV industry, thanks largely to its offerings such as the Nexon SUV, the Tigor sedan, and the Tiago electric hatchback. “In India, we need to ensure low cost of ownership from the consumer perspective. Also, on the supply side, we have to see which combination (battery chemistry and charging solution) works best for the country,” Chaba told ET.

5 things We Would Like to See from MG’s Affordable EV in 2023

Although it took a while for MG to launch a fully electric vehicle in India, the company has a decent portfolio of ICE and hybrid automobiles. With the flagship MG ZS EV only recently making its way to India, the company’s impact on the country’s EV segment is still relatively negligible.

A look at the interior of the MG ZS EV

However, more options are always good for the consumers, and MG should leave no stone unturned in ensuring its upcoming “affordable” EV checks all the right boxes, particularly in comparison to the Tata Nexon EV, which is certain to be the 2023 MG EV’s key rival. With this in mind, here are a few things we would like to see with MG’s mid-range EV:

Competitive Pricing

While the ET report suggests that MG Motor’s new EV will cost between Rs 11 to 15 lakhs, we’re hoping the automaker would bring the price even lower to really make a mark on the Indian EV segment. However, assembly/production difficulties may make this a challenge.


It is often seen that affordable cars tend to compromise in terms of power distribution and other factors. If MG wants to make an impact on the EV segment which is ruled by Tata Motors at the moment, this is a factor the company cannot ignore.


The MG ZS EV features a 50.3 kWh battery pack, which the company claims can run for up to 461 km. While it would be difficult for MG to use a similarly sized battery with next year’s affordable electric car, the company should consider using the 44.5 kWh battery pack which was initially bundled with the ZS EV.


The inside of the car is no longer ignored by Indian automakers with almost every EV today offering high safety standards and attractive in-car entertainment options. MG did an excellent job with the interiors of the MG ZS EV, and we’re hoping something similar would be replicated with the new affordable EV offering.

Maintain Steady Supply

Currently, MG’s assembly unit in Halol, Gujarat, can churn out 300 to 350 units of the ZS EV each month. The manufacturer is eager to push this to at least 500 units in the future. Since the company will presumably utilize the same assembly plant in Gujarat for the unnamed 2023 budget EV, it is imperative that the company can shift its priorities based on the demand.

We also have to consider factors such as the global semiconductor shortage which has impacted the company significantly over the past 18 months or more as a majority of its cars rely on processors and other technology to operate.

Via: The Economic Times