Auto Expo 2023: MG Motor reveals fuel-cell powered Euniq 7


  • MG Motor India also took the wraps off the MG4 EV at the event this week
  • The Euniq 7 MPV will make it to the market by early 2024, the company said
  • This EV’s ability to purify the air while being driven could be a key selling point

MG Motor India has enjoyed moderate success since it entered India some years ago. One of the company’s aims now is to have a portfolio of competitive electric vehicles in a bid to take on regional rivals like Tata. The automaker has made a couple of announcements, including the MG4 EV, at the Auto Expo already and is now showing off a new-energy vehicle (NEV) known as the Euniq 7.

This NEV is based on the company’s Prome P390 fuel-cell architecture and consumes hydrogen. It is also environmentally conscious, the company claims, with additional features like high load and efficiency and longer-than-average battery life.

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It functions pretty similarly to an air purifier, cleaning the air around itself while it’s being driven. MG says the Prome P390 architecture can purify enough air within one hour of driving to accommodate up to 150 adults. The Euniq 7 and Prome P390 combination can offer 92 kW of power and a 60% peak operating efficiency.

The MG Euniq 7 at the 2023 Auto Expo

Speaking during the company’s event, the President and Managing Director at MG Motor India, Rajeev Chaba said, “As the industry continues exploring alternate fuel technologies, we are delighted to showcase the world’s leading hydrogen fuel-cell technology – Prome P390 to India.”

MG Euniq 7 features, range, and availability

As per the manufacturer, the Prome P390 fuel cell system enables the car to run for up to 650 km. The non-polluting angle of the car will be a key selling point of the EV when it breaks cover over the next few years. Moreover, it only emits water, which is a far more logical tradeoff than traditional ICE vehicles.

The Prome P390 is also capable of operating at up to 95 degrees Celsius and -30 degrees Celsius, MG says. Additionally, the fuel cell used inside can reportedly last for up to 10,000 hours

MG says the Euniq 7 MPV will be available in the country by January next year. However, it isn’t the only company working on the tech. Japanese automaker Honda has been working on it for a while and has promised to launch its first hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle by January next year.

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