Mi Smart Water Purifier launched in India: price, specifications

On: September 17, 2019

Apart from a few TVs and the Mi Band 4, Xiaomi has also launched the Mi Smart Water Purifier in India today. Unveiled at the Smarter Living 2020 event, the brand’s latest household product comes as a Reverse Osmosis water purifier, which sports a 5-step purification process, which allows the accessory to provide 99.99 percent pure drinking water. Notably, as its name suggests the product has arrived as a smart water purifier that can be connected to the Mi Home app on your phone.

Mi Smart Water Purifier is capable of providing stats of the filters on the Mi Home app

Mi Smart Water Purifier specifications and features

The Mi Smart Water Purifier is equipped with a Penta-step purification process to provide clean water for drinking. In the first two steps, the purifier’s PP+Activated Carbon filter intercepts large and visible particles, apart from the residual chlorine, colour, and odour. In the third step, the RO filer of the device filters out heavy metal, scales, and organic matter with a filtration precision of 0.0001 microns.

In the fourth step, the PAC filter in the Mi Smart Water Purifier absorbs the remaining odour and organic substance in the water. Lastly, in the fifth step, the device’s in-tank UV light kills bacteria and viruses with a claimed efficiency of 99.99 percent. As for the other features, there’s built-in Wi-Fi onboard to let you pair the purifier to your home network. This allows you to see details like water TDS levels, level of the water, and remaining life of the filters via the app. Notably, the Mi Smart Water Purifier’s filters are easily user-replaceable.

Mi Smart Water Purifier utilises a 5-step purification process to provide clean drinking water

Mi Smart Water Purifier price in India

The Mi Smart Water Purifier has been priced in India at Rs 11,999. The smart household products will go on sale in the country on, Flipkart, and in Mi Home stores across the country from September 29th. The complete filter cartridge set of the purifier costs Rs 3,997, and you can also purchase the filters individually.

Apart from the Mi Smart Water Purifier, Xiaomi has also launched a product for homes called the Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2. It will be available on Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform from September 18th for Rs 500.

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