Microsoft Brings Dall-E Image Creator To The New Bing


  • Microsoft adds Dall-E-based Image Creator to Bing Chat.
  • You can create AI-generated images right from the chat window in Bing. 
  • Available for everyone with access to Bing Chat. 


Before ChatGPT went viral, OpenAI had another tool that put them in the limelight, Dall-E. Dall-E is an AI image generation tool that generates images based on your inputs. Microsoft announced today that its new Bing would allow users to AI-generate images right in the chat. 

Microsoft previously introduced Dall-E based image generator to its Image search. It also added the image Generator to the Microsoft Designer app. Now, it’s the turn of Bing chat. 

Microsoft has announced this new feature for Bing Chat in a blog post. It detailed that the image creation will be available only in the Creative mode initially. 

You can head to Bing Chat in Bing and start a prompt with “create an image..” to generate an image. Bing will take a few seconds to generate and reply with the images. You can also ask it to create an image based on the previous replies and prompts. 

Bing Image Creator will be accessed separately on its own from here. It can now also be added to the Edge sidebar if you’re using the Microsoft Edge browser. 

Microsoft is gaining more and more leads over Google in the generative AI space. Google recently announced the launch of Early Access to its chatbot Google Bard. Microsoft is already ahead of the Alphabet company by announcing this image creator feature and the recent announcements for integrating GPT-based AI copilot for its whole suite of enterprise apps. Microsoft is also running far ahead with its full-scale implementation of AI inside the search results, which has gone out of beta and is accessible to all users.