PC Health Check alternatives for Windows 11 compatibility test: download Whynotwin11 and Win11syscheck tools

Microsoft recently announced its latest Windows update called Windows 11. Set to release in October as a free update, there’s a lot of anticipation around the new Windows version. The Redmond-based tech giant also rolled out a handy tool called PC Health Check, which showed users whether or not their computers support the Windows 11 update. However, the tool only informed users whether their computer can or cannot run Windows 11, without specifying the reason.

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The binary nature of the tool attracted backlash from users, after which Microsoft removed the app from its servers. However, if you still want to check whether your computer supports Windows 11 or not, there are other third-party tools you can use. The best part is these software also tell why your computer doesn’t support the upcoming Windows update. The Win11SysCheck and WhyNotWin11 are two such apps that are hosted on GitHUB for everyone to download. Here’s how you can use these tools.

How to use Win11SysCheck to check Windows 11 compatibility?

Win11SysCheck lets users check their computer's Windows 11 compatibility

Win11SysCheck lets users check their computer’s Windows 11 compatibility

The Win11SysCheck is an open-source tool for those who would like to check their computer’s Windows 11 compatibility. The tool even lists out the reason why your computer is not supported, which means users don’t manually have to check each component as to why their machine is not supported. Below are the steps to use Win11SysCheck.

  1. Download the Win11SysCheck from the official website
  2. The tool doesn’t require any installation and you can open it directly by double-clicking on the file
  3. You may get a SmartScreen error when you first run it, you can ignore the pop-up
  4. The tool will then open in Command Prompt or PowerShell on modern computers
  5. You’ll then be able to see checks being run in the command prompt windows and the values returned
  6. In case your laptop or PC doesn’t support Windows 11, the tool will show the unsupported component at the end

How to use WhyNotWin11 to check Windows 11 compatibility?

WhyNotWin11 shows the exact reason why your laptop doesn't support Windows 11

WhyNotWin11 shows the exact reason why your laptop doesn’t support Windows 11

The WhyNotWin11, as the name suggests, is another tool that runs the required checks on your computer and tells you exactly why your computer doesn’t support Windows 11. Unlike Win11SysCheck, WhyNotWin11 comes with its own graphic user interface and is easy to use.

  1. Download WhyNotWin11 on your laptop
  2. Double click on the downloaded file in your Downloads folder
  3. The app will run by itself and perform checks on your computer
  4. The minimum system requirements are listed within the apps, which are then checked
  5. The app will show Missing/Disabled against whichever requirement is not met and flag them in red or orange

One of the most common issues noted by users was TPM disabled or missing from the computer. While there’s nothing to be done if the TPM module is not present on your laptop’s motherboard, there are many laptops that have it turned off by default even when the module is present. Users can simply boot to BIOS or UEFI and turn it on.

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