Microsoft Releases the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in India

Microsoft has released the much awaited Windows 10 Anniversary update in India. The update rolled out to us just yesterday and took a good 45 minutes to install on the computer. Once you have installed the update, you will see that the OS Build number move to 14393.10. Since the update is a fairly major one, we would request all the users to best get it done overnight, as it does take a while to download and install. The update will be received Over The Air, so all you need to do is to go to the Windows Update section on your Windows 10 machine and wait for the update to start downloading once the system has established a connection with Microsoft. Like all incremental updates, the update is absolutely free.

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There is plenty that is new with this anniversary update making it an absolute must have on your Windows machine. The update brings a new updated Start menu, with three distinct sections in there. The Edge browser has extensions enabled, so the likes of Ad-Blocker if you want to add, can bee done. There is also minor changes in the taskbar and the Notification Center as well as an overall dark theme across. Microsoft has added support for Windows Ink, which allows the users to use stylus or their fingers to doodle over images or screenshots of their choice when using 2-in-1 machines.

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If you have not received the update as an OTA, there are a couple of things you could try out. First is you can download the official ISO file from here. If not, you can use the Update Assistant, which basically downloads a .exe file that can download the update manually for you. The Update Assistant can be downloaded from Microsoft’s site, right here. Once you have downloaded the tool it will simply check that your system meets all the criteria that is there for the Anniversary Update and download and install the update. Remember that, with incremental update, your files and data on your system will remain as they are without getting discarded or deleted.

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