Microsoft Teams takes on Zoom, introduces free 24-hour video calls on desktop and web

On: November 20, 2020

At the beginning of the pandemic, Zoom emerged as the most preferred video-calling solution for corporates and individual alike because of its ability to add a large number of members and long duration video calling. One of its biggest competitors, Microsoft Teams has been launching new features in order to convert Zoom users. The newest attempt comes in form of free video calls all day long on the desktop and web.

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Ahead of the holiday season, Microsoft has announced that it’s bringing the friends and family features to its desktop and web app. Notably, the software giant had launched Microsoft Teams for non-corporate consumers on mobile with friends and family features earlier this year. Here are the details of all new features Microsoft is bringing to Teams.

Microsoft Teams will now let you video call all day for free

Microsoft Teams brings friends and family features to desktop and web

Microsoft Teams brings friends and family features to desktop and web

With the new addition to the desktop and web application, users will be able to host a Microsoft Teams meeting with up to 300 friends and family members at the same time. Moreover, these meetings can be hosted for 24 hour without any extra charge. Additionally, the host will be able to see up to 49 members in gallery video or side by side in a virtual environment through Together Mode in Microsoft Teams.

Apart from this, Microsoft also mentioned that in order to join a Microsoft Teams meeting users are not required to have a Microsoft account or the Microsoft Teams app. All the user needs is a video meeting invite and they can join for free on the web. Microsoft has also introduced syncing of existing chats between the phone and computer.

Microsoft announced several new features that are in preview for Teams including SMS replies and location notification, among others. The former lets users add people in Teams even if they are not using the app. These people can receive and send replies to the Microsoft Teams group chat through SMS. Additionally, Teams will now allow users to receive notifications when their friend or family members arrive at a designated location like home.

These features are still in preview on the Teams mobile app and will be rolled out gradually in the coming weeks.

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