Microsoft Will Pay You For Using Edge Browser Instead Of Chrome


  • Microsoft Will pay you with gift cards for using its Edge browser
  • Use the Microsoft Edge bar to search for 3 days to get rewards
  • Available for select users in Windows 10 and Windows 11


Microsoft was caught in hot water last day when it started showing ads for the Microsoft Edge browser on the Google Chrome download page. Microsoft started testing its Microsoft Edge browser advertisements when a user tried switching to Google Chrome from Edge browser on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

When users try to download Google Chrome on Edge browser, an ad banner appears on the download page, and a pop-up comes in the toolbar. 

The pop-up says, “Microsoft Edge runs on the same technology as Chrome, with the added trust of Microsoft.”

It also says, “By continuing, you will set Microsoft Edge as your default browser. Offer valid for 1 person/account within first 14 days of joining.”

Everyone was confused by the “Offer” shown in the pop-up when it first showed up. 

Now we have a complete picture of the ‘offer’, as a new pop-up has revealed it. Take a look:

You’ll get a free gift card when you search with the Edge bar for 3 days. If you search for anything with the Edge bar, Microsoft will give you 3,100 reward points in Microsoft Rewards Program. 

Microsoft Rewards Program is the official Rewards program that gives you Rewards points for searching on the Bing search engine and using the Edge browser for searching. 

With Microsoft Rewards Program, you can redeem Rewards points for various gift cards. You can redeem gift cards in India from Flipkart, Amazon Pay, Croma, BookMyShow, Makemytrip, and more.