Minecraft for Android and iOS: how to download, top 5 servers and more

Minecraft is one of the oldest and most played video games of all time. The Swedish video game developer Mojang Studios developed Minecraft alongside Markus “Notch” Persson before selling it to Microsoft in 2014. Though the initial versions of the game were only available for PC and consoles, the developers behind Minecraft made the game cross-platform supported. Meaning, the game can run on multiple devices and operating systems. 

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Since mobile gaming has been a go-to for the younger generation, all major game developers are revamping their titles to mobile size, and Minecraft is no exception. The developers have created mobile versions of Minecraft for Android and iOS operating systems. If you’re looking to download Minecraft on Android or iOS devices then you can follow this quick Minecraft tutorial below.

What is Minecraft APK?

Minecraft Multiplatform Game


Android Application Package or APK is the file format used for Android applications. All the apps and games on Google Play Store are created with APK extensions, and in case you cannot find a particular app on Google Play Store, you can simply download the APK version of the application. Install the APK file and it’ll work like how a normal application works.

That aside, Minecraft is a multiplayer game and offers tons of features that some players often refer to as a new universe. As a cross-platform video game, one can play Minecraft on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox and other devices without any issues. Since its release, the game has changed over three times starting from being called Minecraft Pocket Edition then Bedrock Edition and finally Minecraft.

How to download Minecraft for Android?

Android is one of the most used operating systems in the mobile world. Here is a quick walkthrough of downloading Minecraft on Android smartphones and tablets. 

  • On your Android device, go to the Google Play Store
  • Search for Minecraft and tap on the first search result
  • On Google Play Store, Minecraft is not free, and you need to purchase the game
  • Currently, you can purchase Minecraft for Rs 660
  • Once you’re on the purchase screen, tap on the Purchase button and make the payment
  • Once your payment is verified, the game will begin to download
  • Wait for the download to complete. 
  • Once downloaded, close Google Play Store and tap on the Minecraft icon to play the game

How to download Minecraft for iOS?

iOS is still one of the smoothest mobile operating systems ever. Like Android, Apple users can also play Minecraft on iPhones and iPads. Here is a quick look at how to download Minecraft for iOS devices. 

  • On your iOS or iPadOS device, open the App Store and search for Minecraft. 
  • Tap on the first search result to open the App Overview window
  • On iOS, Minecraft costs Rs 599
  • Purchase the game and make the payment
  • Once your payment is verified, you can download the game on your device
  • Once installed, close the App Store and tap on Minecraft to play the game

Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock Edition servers


Mineplex is probably one of the most popular Minecraft servers of all time. It is also the largest Minecraft server ever with multiple zones and huge maps. At any given time,  Mineplex has multiple players participating in various challenges every day.

  • IP: or
  • Server: Minecraft survival server


The Brawl is all about shooting games. In this server, players can relive the memories of Call of Duty with pixel art aesthetics. Brawl has guns, FPS modes, and multiple gaming models which keep you entertained for hours. 

  • IP:
  • Server: Minecraft battle royale server

Grand Theft Minecart

The Grand Theft Minecart brings the two most popular open-world games together – Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto. With this server, Minecraft adds the characters, maps and gameplay of the Grand Theft Auto series, and one can say it is the most satisfying Minecraft server ever.  

  • IP:
  • Server: Minecraft survival server

Among Us Performium

Among Us is one of the most played mobile multiplayer games ever since Covid-19 happened. With the Among Us Performium server, Minecraft players can play the mind-boggling games of the original Among Us.

  • IP:
  • Server: Minecraft Among Us server


The Zero.Minr offers the maximum fun because it is a parkour server. You can run around the map, perform parkour trucks and enjoy your time in the city. The server also has an intricate web of towers and paths that’ll bring out the inner sportsperson in you. 

  • IP:
  • Server: Minecraft parkour server
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