Mirror Selfie Captions: 150+ Mirror Selfie Captions and Quotes For Instagram that Reflect your true Self

Who doesn’t like a cool mirror selfie? A mirror selfie gives you bragging rights on social media. A mirror selfie is an understated way of stating you’re cool. A mirror selfie may be taken with or without your face hidden by your phone. Mirror selfies are taken in bathrooms (both at home and outside), dressing rooms, changing rooms, malls, etc. Anywhere with a full-length mirror is an excellent place to take a mirror selfie. 

Use of Mirror Selfie Captions

Mirror selfie captions are used when you take a selfie in front of a full-length mirror. There are many kinds of captions, ranging from cool to one word, each with its benefits and disadvantages.

Mirror Selfie Caption for Instagram

  1. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most aesthetic of them all? 
  2. Stop and stare. 
  3. Slaying 24×7. 
  4. Am I looking fat? 
  5. Morning time=selfie time. 
  6. I don’t need your approval, I have my own.
  7. Selfie life. 
  8. Selfie sunday. 
  9. Selfies forever. 
  10. Morning boys. 
  11. Shining 24×7. 
  12. Let me take a selfie. 
  13. Anytime is a good time for a selfie. 
  14. Wish you were here. 
  15. YOLO
  16. FOMO
  17. Love lives in a place called life. 
  18. Hello, it’s me. 
  19. Hi there. 
  20. Oh hey there. 

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  1. Loyal and royal. 
  2. Here to win. 
  3. Not here to play. 
  4. I am the game. 
  5. Sending this selfie to NASA because I am a star!
  6. Liking what you’re seeing? 
  7. Focusing on the good stuff. 
  8. God, goals, growing and glowing. 
  9. Just another mirror selfie. 
  10. Mirror selfies will always be in vogue. 
  11. Constantly buzzing. 
  12. Classy, sassy and bad-assey. 
  13. Don’t be them, be you. 
  14. I awoke like this.  
  15. Mirrors never lie. 
  16. It’s confidence, not arrogance. 
  17. Working on myself, by myself, for myself.
  18. Be bold, be brave, be you.
  19. I am an expert at being bad. 
  20. Dear mirror, please hide my flaws. 

Instagram Captions for Mirror Selfies with Best Friend

  1. Bestie forever. 
  2. My best friend is better than yours. 
  3. My bestie is the best.
  4. Love might be beautiful but friendship is sweeter. 
  5. Friends till the end. 
  6. Your vibe attracts your tribe. 
  7. Besides beer, you’re my favourite. 
  8. No friendship is an accident. 
  9. Everyone needs a bestie. 
  10. Friends are our chosen family. 
  11. Life is better with my bestie by my side. 
  12. Good Times + Crazy Friends = Great Memories!
  13. Friends accompany you anywhere without asking questions. 
  14. I love my crazy bestie. 
  15. Meet my partner in crime. 
  16. Forever and always. 
  17. You drive me mad but I love it. 
  18. On our worst behaviour. 
  19. Time to wander. 
  20. The sunshine of my life. 

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Instagram Captions for Mirror Selfies with Boyfriend/Girlfriend

  1. I love you
  2. Love of my life
  3. Mi amor. 
  4. I will always pick you. 
  5. Je t’aime.
  6. My happy place.
  7. To the moon and back. 
  8. Just the two of us.
  9. I can’t stop loving you. 
  10. I love loving you.
  11. By your side is my favourite place to be.
  12. All my heart and then some.
  13. It’s always you. 
  14. You and me forever. 
  15. A love like no other. 
  16. Lucky me. 
  17. P.S. I love you. 
  18. Soulmate and best friend in one. 
  19. Full of love
  20. It’s a forever kind of thing. 

Mirror Selfie Captions & Quotes

  1. Let’s wander. 
  2. Let the adventure begin. 
  3. All I need is you
  4. One good friend can change your life. 
  5. Adventure buddy. 
  6. Me and you. 
  7. Today’s plan – wake up and take a selfie. 
  8. A smile is the best designer wear.
  9. Dream it. Believe it. Build it.
  10. You are only limited by your own imagination. 
  11. The devil is in the details. 
  12. Focusing on the finer details. 
  13. It isn’t about being perfect, it’s about putting in the effort. 
  14. #MirrorSelfie.
  15. Good vibes here. 
  16. No one who is strong has an easy past. 
  17. All I need is a good selfie. 
  18. No place for bad vibes in life. 
  19. “Courage is one step ahead of fear”- Coleman Young
  20. Tough times don’t last. Tough people do. – Robert H. Schuller

One Word Mirror Selfie Captions & Quotes

  1. Selfie time.
  2. It’s Selfie o’clock. 
  3. Time for a selfie. 
  4. Stay golden
  5. Limited edition.
  6. My selfie, my way. 
  7. Screw perfect
  8. Taking a selfie. 
  9. Eyes don’t lie
  10. OMG look at me
  11. King
  12. Queen
  13. Slay everyday. 
  14. Prince
  15. Princess
  16. Own it. 
  17. Eyes talk
  18. Actually, I can. 
  19. Those summer days. 
  20. Selfie lord alert. 

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Cool Mirror Selfie Captions

  1. Living the selfie life
  2. Pretty in pink. 
  3. I am no good. 
  4. Wicked magician. 
  5. Resident Evil. 
  6. A selfie a day keeps mental breakdowns away. 
  7. I love mirrors, they love me.
  8. Thank god you exist.
  9. Selfies are important.
  10. My selfie is the best.
  11. Selfie is a ritual.
  12. Free like the ocean. 
  13. Soaring like a bird. 
  14. Still the mind, more the body. 
  15. Aloha, beaches. 
  16. I awoke like this. 
  17. Exams are OVER.
  18. I need vitamin sea. 
  19. Selfie therapy. .
  20. Soul full of sunshine.