Xiaomi’s MIUI is finally getting an app drawer and app shortcuts

On: June 18, 2019

Xiaomi is finally adding a much-needed feature for MIUI, its custom Android interface. The company is introducing an app drawer and app shortcuts for MIUI users. Nearly all Xiaomi smartphones come preloaded with MIUI and the custom UI offers a range of extra features as compared to stock Android.

It’s worth noting that the POCO F1 shipped with an app drawer thanks to the POCO Launcher overlaid on MIUI. Now Xiaomi has decided to bake in the app drawer for all MIUI users.

The app drawer is found on the latest alpha build of the MIUI launcher. The version of the build in 4.10.102506141703. That being said, the screenshots do not show the swipe gesture for accessing the apps. Instead, Xiaomi seems to have employed a much older method of tapping a button to open the app drawer. Meanwhile, the users can close the app drawer by tapping on the downward facing arrow.

As mentioned earlier, the latest version of the MIUI will also support app shortcuts. The shortcuts can be invoked by long pressing on the app icon. It is worth noting that this feature was originally announced on Android Nougat and allowed users to access various functionalities of the app by tapping and holding the app icon, similar to the iPhone’s 3D Touch feature.

You can try out the new MIUI launcher by heading over to the source link and installing the alpha build. That being said, the feature might not be stable and is prone to cause crashes during usage. We expect Xiaomi to fix the issues as we inch closer to the stable version.