Mivi Thunderbeats Bluetooth Earphones Review

On: July 27, 2017

Gone are the days when keeping the earphones from tangling supposed to be a big deal. Thanks to the innovating ideas such as flat cords, we were able to deal with such problems. Well, all those issues were related to the wired headsets. Now, is the era of going wireless. And, in terms of audio products, Bluetooth is the way to go. Therefore Bluetooth earphones are slowly gaining momentum among the audiophiles. Of course, a big credit goes to Apple for taking the bold step of removing the 3.5mm port. That gives a further push to Bluetooth headsets. Still, there are a lot of constraints such as smaller range, low bandwidth, lossy codecs and many others which are yet to overcome.

Mivi Thunderbeats Bluetooth Earphone is one such Bluetooth headset offered by India’s homegrown brand Mivi. It is the company’s top of the line earphone boasting top-notch specs. Well, getting swayed by just looking at the specs-sheet often doesn’t end well. So, let’s see how good this earphone is in real life.

Design-wise, the Mivi Thunderbeats earphone comes with a metallic finish and a well-built body. The earphone looks premium, and the texture feels good too.

The company has put in a lot of effort to provide an ergonomic design for this earphone, and it did so quite successfully. In addition to multiple sized ear buds, the Thunderbeats also feature ear hooks to keep them tightly fitted into your ear. I must say, these ear hooks really help the earphone fit well. I would also like to explicitly point out that “the earphone fits well” doesn’t necessarily mean “the earphone is comfortable”.

Mivi has also thrown in the magnetic locks to keep the earphone in place. Brownie points to Mivi for that. These magnetic locks really come in handy and help the earphone from falling while not in use. But that comes at the cost of extra weight. The earphone is too heavy for my liking. And that makes them uncomfortable to use for a long time. The Thunderbeats also features a pretty much tangle-free cord with an adjustable clip to alter the length.

Mivi Thunderbeats

The battery backup of the earphone is just plain awesome. It did last more than 5 hours of continuous music playback. If not paired to any device, the earphone shuts down automatically to save battery. Pairing to any device is also a fairly easy task to do. It comes with three functional buttons comprising volume up, down and a multifunction key. However, pairing to a new device when it is already paired to one was a bit irritating. We had to shut the Bluetooth off from the paired device to connect it to the new device. You can also connect two devices at the same time, given that the devices are already paired with the earphone.

Coming to the performance part, the Mivi Thunderbeats earphone is backed with Qualcomm CSR8645 chip featuring Bluetooth V4.1 and aptX Bluetooth code. The aptX code is a next generation audio codec which promises to offer enhanced wireless sound quality. But for that, you need an aptX supported headset as well as a smartphone. And, as of now, there are only handful of devices which includes aptX support.

Apart from that, the Thunderbeats earphone doesn’t disappoint us in terms of sound quality. It is capable of offering deep bass but lacks a bit on mids. It’s a pleasure for bass lovers, but don’t expect much on higher volumes. The bass tends to crack up, and signal-to-noise takes a dip at such levels. There’s just too much shrill to handle, especially if you listen to any of Sia’s songs.

If I compare the Thunderbeats with my OnePlus V2 Bullets, I would say both the devices are on par with each other. Thunderbeats would beat Bullets in bass, but OnePlus offers much better mids and overall instrumental sound. The V2 Bullets are also far more comfortable than that Thunderbeats. So, it’s a matter of personal choice which one would you pick.

Overall, the Mivi Thunderbeats is one good choice for a budget wireless earphone. The earphone offers a great design with magnetic locks, aptX Bluetooth transmission technology and superior battery life. If you’re someone who digs high bass, the Thunderbeats won’t disappoint you considering the price point (Rs 2,999).

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