Moto G5 Plus vs Redmi Note 4: Let’s Decide The Winner

On: March 20, 2017

Well, the competition for mid-budget segment smartphones just got interesting. Redmi Note 4 was ruling this segment for a while now and with Moto G5 Plus entering the market, we can now hear two different roars from the same jungle. Ever since mid-budget segment smartphones started coming with Snapdragon 625 processor, the competition got so stiff. We will discuss Snapdragon 625 in more detail later and what makes it so amazing.

The Redmi Note 4 and Moto G5 Plus, both of these smartphones, are priced around Rs 15k bracket and powered by the same Snapdragon 625 processor. It is the same chipset which also powers the Moto Z Play priced at Rs 25,000. Well, Xiaomi is known for downplaying the prices, and in the past, it turns out to be a very fair deal for the company. Redmi Note 3, the predecessor of Redmi Note 4 was also priced very cheap in regards to its specs and it broke all records in a number of sales in India. Xiaomi is all set to repeat the same successor with Redmi Note 4 and just a day ago company claimed that it has already sold 1 millions units of the device. Now, Lenovo owned Moto has also come up with a similar strategy and launched Moto G5 Plus at a starting price of Rs 14,999.

So, let’s see how these phones stand against each other in this cut throat competition.

Display & Design:

Both of these smartphones get full metal unibody design with a premium build quality and aesthetics. Of course, the looks are subjective, but to me, Redmi Note 4 looks more appealing. Especially, the matte black version. When it comes to the display size, the Redmi Note 4 sports a 5.5-inch Full HD display with 2.5D curved glass on top. Whereas the Moto G5 Plus features a 5.2-inch Full HD display. Comparing the display sizes, I would prefer Moto G5 Plus as it has the smaller screen hence, the smaller device. Moto G5 Plus is also thinner (7.7mm) than the Redmi Note 4 (8.5mm).

Coming to the fingerprint scanner placement, Motorola has placed it on front panel integrated into home whereas the Xiaomi has placed it on the back. Both of these have their own set of pros and cons. Personally, I prefer it on top so that I can unlock the device while it is resting on the table. Read more of my opinion about the fingerprint scanner here.

Winner: Moto G5 Plus (With a slight margin)


The Moto G5 Plus sports a 12-megapixel primary camera with dual autofocus and aperture size of f/1.7 whereas the Redmi Note 4 houses a 13-megapixel rear camera with PDAF and aperture size of f/2.0. Both the devices feature dual tone LED flash to accompany the camera in low light conditions. However, the Moto G5 Plus has a bigger aperture, hence produces a better result in low light conditions. It also comes with OIS (optical image stabilizer) and dual -pixel autofocus technology which we find only in premium phones. Dual-pixel AF is typically a second generation PDAF which produces far better rseults. and When it comes to video quality, both the phone are capable of recording 1080p videos. On front, both the phones feature a 5-megapixel selfie camera.

Overall, the Moto G5 Plus is the clear winner here.


Both Redmi Note 4 and Moto G5 Plus are powered by the same Snapdragon 625 processor. It is known to be the most power efficient chipset to ever come from Qualcomm’s garage. The SD625 is a unique processor which uses the leading-edge 14nm FinFET technology, thus allowing the smartphone makers to overclock it. Also so far, we haven’t come across overheating issue with this chipset. However, there have been some cases of overheating with Moto G5 Plus, that too only when GPS is switched on for a long time.

So, it’s a tie then.


The Redmi Note 4 comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow wrapped under MIUI whereas the Moto G5 Plus runs on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat. The G5 Plus also offers pure Android experience with stock UI. For purists like me, it does matter a lot. The stock UI looks so better and also it’s more user-friendly. Motorola has also promised to give Google Assistant with next update whereas we haven’t heard anything similar from Xiaomi yet.

So, Moto G5 Plus wins the match again.


The Moto G5 Plus packs in a 3000mAh battery whereas the Redmi Note 4 packs in a much bigger 4100mAh battery. Clearly, the Note 4 has the edge over G5 Plus here. But, we should also keep in mind that the Moto G5 Plus has a comparatively smaller display size. Also, both the phones are powered by the same power efficient processor. So, if you’re battery conscious, you won’t be disappointed regardless of which phone you choose.

Winner: Redmi Note 4


Well, it is very difficult to pick a device among these two. Both of these devices are powered by an amazing processor and feature similar specs. Of course, Moto G5 Plus offers a display with better resolution, better UI and perhaps a slightly better camera. The Redmi Note 4 also has an edge over g5 Plus when it comes to battery.

I, for one, will pick Moto G5 Plus. So, if you’re looking for a smartphone with a budget around Rs 15,000, go for Moto G5 Plus. But, if you’re little low on budget, then opt for Redmi Note 4 with 2GB RAM which cost Rs 9,999.

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    • henrysmith
    • March 23, 2017

    My point of view is both mobiles are good.

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