Motorola Moto G6 Plus Spotted Running Android 9 Pie On Geekbench

On: December 16, 2018

Motorola Moto G6 Plus, an affordable yet capable Android One smartphone launched recently with Android 8.1 Oreo. Now Motorola appears to be testing the latest Android 9 Pie operating system on the attractively priced handset. The Moto G6 Plus was just spotted on popular online benchmarking repository Geekbench running Android 9 Pie OS. However, there are some interesting anomalies with the test device.

Motorola Moto G6 Plus is an Android One smartphone that’s part of the Moto G6 Series handsets that Motorola launched in September. The rest of the lineup includes the Moto G6, and the Moto G6 Play. The Moto G6 Plus is the top-end model in the series. The Moto G Series has proven to be a great success for Motorola owing to the combination of decent specifications and attractive prices. All the Moto G6 Series smartphones arrived with Android 8.1 Oreo. It now appears Motorola is in final stages of deploying Android 9 Pie to the Moto G6 Series.

Moto G6 Plus Spotted On Geekbench Running Android 9 Pie

The Moto G6 Plus launched with Android 8.1 Oreo. Now Motorola appears to be testing the next significant update to the Android OS, the Android 9 Pie, on the handset. The Geekbench listing mentions the smartphone is running Android 9 Pie.

Although the listing clearly indicates the device being tested is the Motorola Moto G6 Plus, there are a few important anomalies. The test device appears to be packing Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC, as the listing mentions SDM660, with a base clock-speed of 2.21GHz. The Motorola Moto G6 Plus available in India has Snapdragon 630 processor. Strangely, the SDM630 processor does feature a clock speed of 2.2GHz.

The Motorola Moto G6 Plus listing on Geekbench is having 3,747MB or 4GB RAM, and this too, does not corroborate with the current version of the Android handset available in the market. The Moto G6 Plus available in India has 6GB RAM. Interestingly, the Moto G6 does have a 4GB RAM variant.

The Moto G6 Plus test device running Android 9 Pie OS, and packing 4GB RAM, managed a single-core speed of 858, and a multi-core speed of 4034. Needless to mention, these aren’t good scores, and are certainly uncommon for an Android smartphone packing the Snapdragon 630 SoC, and 6GB RAM.


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