Mozilla Launches a Plug-in to Secure Your Data from Facebok’s Pry Eyes

With the recent leaks regarding data being compromised from Facebook’s servers, it’s only obvious that you’d be worried about your personal data. Quite a few users have even taken a step to leave the platform altogether. If you happen to be a person who is worried about their data but also uses the platform actively for entertainment content and connecting with friends, like me, there is a solution. This solution comes from Mozilla which has offered a plug-in to restrict the popular site from accessing your data without your consent.

The plug-in is called the Facebook Container and is available for the Mozilla Firefox browser. You might have come across websites that require you to log-in through either one of your social media platforms. This is a one-stop hassle free click that you make without hesitating and possibly end up giving that website access to data that Facebook has about you. This plug-in will make your life slightly more difficult. It restricts data transaction between the said website and Facebook.

The plug-in basically isolates Facebook to run in a different sandbox and it does not get access to information from other websites that you may be browsing.

Mozilla says,

This Add-On offers a solution that doesn’t tell users to simply stop using a service that they get value from. Instead, it gives users tools that help them protect themselves from the unexpected side effects of their usage.

It must also be noted that once the plug-in is installed and run, most embedded like, share and comment buttons on other websites that make use of Facebook, will not work. In addition to this, Facebook will also not be able to send you targeted advertisements. What this means is that when you look up buying a Pizza Online, an advertisement showing delicious Pizza would not show up on your timeline. This could be a subjective opinion though as, who doesn’t like looking at some mouth-watering pizza  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That being said, Mozilla has stated that this plug-in is not restricted to just Facebook and can be used on other websites as well. However, since Facebook has been in the spotlight as of late for all the wrong reasons, you might want to run the page with this plug-in switched on for the time being. Facebook is currently working on making the platform more secure and safer for their users with quite a few new security elements in the works.

What are your views on this? Are you all in on the #DeleteFacebook side or would you rather stick around and wait some more to see if things improve? Do let us know in the comments section below.