MWC 2015 – Top Phones to Set a Price Alert On

On: February 19, 2015

MWC 2015 - Top Phones to Set a Price Alert For

Every year after a major event like CES or MWC, there are waves of new phones that come in. They get better and meaner with every year passing by. The competition get stiffer – competition to release the next big thing. These new launches tend to shake the market value of the older phones. This trend has been going on since a very long time, and I can assure that its the right time to pick a phone up at the best price.

TL;DR Version

Upcoming LaunchesSet Price Alert For
Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S5
HTC One M9
HTC One M8 Eye
Sony Xperia Z4
Sony Xperia Z3
Gionee Elife S7Gionee Elife S5.5
Motorola Moto E (Gen 2)Motorola Moto G (Gen 2)
Microsoft Lumia 1330Microsoft Lumia 1020
Microsoft Lumia 940Microsoft Lumia 930

You might have a couple of question popping up now –

Why buy a phone that’s just got a major price cut?

To begin with the answer – I’d say, the price cut puts the phone in a price range where it offers much better specifications than any other phone. For example, The launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 dropped the price of the Galaxy SIII from Rs. 28,000 to nearly Rs. 19,000 making it a much better buy than phones like the Galaxy Grand. I say “better” because SIII had NFC and other flagship-like features that Grand just failed to offer.

Why would you buy a phone that is a generation older?

You’d say it will be outdated very soon, right? Wrong! If you relate to the answer I have provided above – It will still work better than an alternative at the same price. You’d be better off buying a Galaxy SIII over a Galaxy Grand afterall!

With that out of the way, lets talk about the phones that are confirmed,rumored to launch at MWC 2015 which will be held during 2nd to 5th March.

Launch of: Samsung Galaxy S6

With an actual render by a case manufacturing company showing how it would look like and with leaks pointing at the internals, the Galaxy S6 has created quite a buzz. The specs also translates to an expensive tag that the S6 will carry.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Affects: With this launch you can expect the cost of Samsung Galaxy S5 to further drop from an already low Rs. 29,000. Galaxy S5’s was launched at Rs. 48,000 but it didn’t do very well in the market bringing its cost down to Rs. 31,500. That doesn’t change the fact that the phone has very good specifications and with the speculated price drop, it will be hot deal!

Launch of: HTC One M9

The M9 HIMA is HTC’s next flagship. Leaks suggest that the One M9 will have a new 20MP sensor and of course, that premium HTC build quality. Specifications mention the Snapdragon 810 and 3GB RAM making it a very impressive phone!


Affects: This phone allegedly will affect the cost of HTC’s last year flagship, the HTC One M8. One M8 recently got a camera upgrade to 13MP, ditching the 4 UltraPixel camera. HTC One M8 Eye is definitely a winner when it comes to the premium build and specs that still are capable to run any applications that are available in the play store. One M8 right now, sells for Rs. 40,000.

Launch of: Sony Xperia Z4

When we talk about Sony, the first thing comes to the mind is the premium build quality and a fantastic camera. That is exactly what Sony’s next year flagship sounds like. It is also rumored to launch with a new Sony sensor that can shoot 4K in HDR. With that design and top-of-the-line specification, the Z4 will be a hell of a competition to other brands.

Xperia Z3 Front

Affects: With all that buzz, the prices of Sony Xperia Z3 will be affected. But it won’t be that massive of a price drop, as Sony has history of keeping the predecessor’s price intact while launching the new flagship at a higher price. Nevertheless, you should definitely keep an eye on its price.

Launch of: LG G4

LG G3 was all about the pixel dense display and new laser auto focusing system. With the G4, LG is supposed to give a new benchmark in mobile display with 3K panels and even more RAM (4GB, supposedly).


Affects: Launch of LG G4 will rattle the price of LG G3 which is currently at Rs. 38,000. LG G3 is a remarkable performer with very few known issues. We would recommend setting a price drop alert and picking it up for Rs. 35,000.

Launch of: Gionee Elife S7

Gionee Elife S7 won’t play the name game like the S5.5 and S5.1 which had the phone thickness denoted by their name. S7 is going to be a 4.6mm thin! Gionee does not have crazy specifications and it is not ranked amongst the likes of Samsung or Sony, but they have reputation of building well designed phones.

Gionee S5.1

Affects: When the S7 launches on 2nd March, it is bound to affect the price of Gionee S5.5 and S5.1. Both these devices are priced near to Rs. 18,000. With their new flagship launch, these prices are bound to dive to somewhere around Rs. 15,000.

Launch of: Moto E Gen 2

Moto E was the first choice when deciding a phone under Rs.7000. Motorola did update the Moto G with better specifications and priced it at the exact same price like the model it replaced.  Now, the time has come to update the Moto E with latest specifications. Rumours suggest that it might have a Snapdragon 410 processor which is better than the processor in the Moto G Gen 2.

Moto G Gen 2

Affects: Moto G 1st Gen was discontinued as soon as the 2nd Gen was launched. So there is a possibility that Motorola would do the same with the Moto E. We can expect subtle price drop on the Moto G Gen 2 when Motorola announces the new Moto E. Moto G Gen 2 at present, sells at Rs. 13,000 and I expect a small drop of about Rs. 2000 on the same.

You can use to set alert on these devices. Happy eyeing and buying!

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