MWC 2017: Oppo Introduces World’s First 5x Optical Zoom Camera For Smartphones

Now, that’s what we can call a revolutionary innovation! Oppo has just unveiled a new camera technique which enables 5x lossless optical zoom in smartphones. Ever since dual camera setup came into the picture, the buzz of optical zoom in a smartphone camera is finally catching up. Last year, Apple even introduced the iPhone 7 Plus with 2x optical zoom.

But Oppo this time decided not follow the herd and break from the pack. The Chinese company has applied the similar dual-camera technology with a twist to achieve the 5x zoom system for smartphones. Oppo has implemented all new design inspired by the periscope to get around the biggest constraints of smartphone cameras. With this design, the company has made possible to switch the lens array design from vertically to horizontally. Thus bidding a fond farewell to the camera bumps.

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With horizontal lens array design, size of smartphone camera module even with increased degree of imagination can be shrunk down. The company claims the size of the whole module to be only 5.7mm thick which can be easily set in a smartphone without the need of a camera bump. In this setup, as you can see in the above image, the telephoto lens is offset by 90-degree which captures light through a prism and then focuses it onto an image sensor.

Although Oppo hasn’t announced a smartphone featuring the 5x optical zoom camera, but we can expect it soon.

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