MWC Shanghai: Samsung finally jumps the bandwagon with its Dual Camera setup

On: June 29, 2017

At the MWC Shanghai, Samsung has finally joined the likes of other OEMs, unveiling its own dual camera setup. Although late to join the dual camera game that started in 2011, the new tech update from Samsung is expected to boost its existing lineup. Although Samsung did not launch any new devices with this Dual Camera setup, we can expect to see these new sensors in Samsung’s upcoming offerings such as the C10 and the Note 8.

Rolling back to 2011, when 3D was just making its entry into the tech world, LG and HTC launched their first smartphones sporting dual camera setups. These were primarily aimed at capturing images with a 3D effect. Fast forwarding through the years to 2014 when the HTC One M8 created waves by integrating its Ultrapixel cameras and weave them together to create depth effect in photos. This was followed by the LG G5 and G6 in 2016 which integrated both dual cameras and modular design making it a large attraction. This was finally followed by the iPhone 7 Plus backed up with all the bells and whistles that came with iOS 10 to capture outstanding images. Apple’s launch was the validation that Dual Camera phones are needed, it is no longer an experiment.

Jumping in to 2017, the only major OEM, Samsung, which was lacking this system has finally promised something good.  Samsung  unveiled four new sensors at MWC Shanghai, the ISOCELL Slim, ISOCELL Fast, ISOCELL Bright and ISOCELL Dual. The ISOCELL Dual, being the dual camera setup promises to reproduce more natural detail in images, enhanced clarity and better images in low-light conditions. The setup consists of a couple of 13MP sensors having aperture of f/2.0 and pixels size of 1.12µm. Alike Huawei’s setup, Samsung’s offering sports one camera as a monochrome sensor and the other as an RGB sensor.

Heating up the competition with the likes of Apple, which has one of the best in class cameras, Samsung is aiming to improve the quality of images from the S8. Previously, we revealed some leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy C10, which was supposed to be the first phone by Samsung to sport dual cameras. However, if the Note 8 releases first, this should be an exciting feature to look out for  and could give Apple a run for its money with it launching along the same time as the iPhone 8.