MyGov Compose a Song for Haridwar Kumbh Mela 2021 contest: participate and win Rs 1,00,000

On: February 18, 2021

After the Logo Design Contest Districts As Export Hubs, MyGov is back with another interesting task. This time, you need to become Mozart or Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and compose a song. Yeah, you really need to compose a song as part of this activity. The MyGov Compose a Song for Haridwar Kumbh 2021 challenges participants to compose a song for Haridwar Kumbh Mela.

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Isn’t that interesting? Music is widely considered as the remedy for a lot of problems. With a song around the theme of Haridwar Kumbh Mela, MyGov is trying to promote music for an event that is considered holy in the country. The new contest is part of activities being promoted by MyGov website. It is a bit different from contests run by the likes of Amazon India and Flipkart and the prizes to win are also surprisingly good. Let’s dig in.

MyGov Compose a Song for Haridwar Kumbh 2021: what you should know?

The MyGov website is building a number of engaging activities on its platform. They are basically distinguished into two segments. The first one is a quiz where you will find Be a Friend of Tribes India Quiz and Spice it Up Quiz. The second one is called Do or activities that you need to do as part of the engagement contest.

The recent examples include the Logo Design Contest Districts As Export Hubs, Essay Writing Competition 2021 on Trust with Destiny and Netaji Ke Sapne Udaan India Ki contest. Now, the latest entrant is called MyGov Compose a Song for Haridwar Kumbh 2021. The contest is being held as part of a celebration of Haridwar Kumbh 2021. The contest is live till 11:45pm on March 25th, 2021.

MyGov Compose a Song for Haridwar Kumbh 2021: eligibility criteria, time period and prizes to win

The Compose a Song for Haridwar Kumbh 2021 contest is open to all the citizens of India. While this is an open contest, those associated with the organising committee or part of Haridwar Kumbh 2021 are not eligible to participate. Similarly, the family members of those associated with the organising committee are also not eligible.

The organisers note that the contestant (individual, group or an organization) can send a maximum of two entries (Kumbh Song or Geet) of 3 to 5 minutesnduration with lyrics, composition and music. The participants should update their MyGov profile and update details such as name, address, contact details & email address. The song should also capture the essence of Haridwar Kumbh Mela.

The contest is held till March 25th and the organisers note that entries coming after March 25th will not be accepted. The winner of this contest will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs 1,00,000. Mela organisers are running this as an open contest and participants are expected to compose a “Kumb song” in either English or Hindi. With simpler terms and conditions, this contest must participate for those tuned into the world of music.

MyGov Compose a Song for Haridwar Kumbh 2021: how to participate

In order to participate, the contestants must submit their entries as a MyGov task. If you submit your entries through any other medium or mode then it will neither be entertained nor considered for evaluation. So, here is how you can actually participate:

  • Go to the contest link page.
  • Click on the Login to Participate option.
  • If you are a registered user then Login using your Email ID or Mobile Number.
  • If you are a new user then click on the “Register Now” button and create your account first.MyGov Census Video Blogging Contest
  • Once you login, you will be able to submit your composition.

MyGov Compose a Song for Haridwar Kumbh 2021: terms and conditions

  1. Each entry is free of cost.
  2. Each entry must include a description in not more than 500 words, such as names of the lyricist, composer, singer, etc.
  3. Participants can also upload any image file or pdf file if required (optional).
  4. The participants should upload their entry as a high-quality audio file to any media platform such as SoundCloud, YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox etc. and enter the publicly accessible link for the entry using the Audio Link icon on the MyGov contest page.
  5. The department may ask for the original and uncompressed audio file, if so required, in separate communication.
  6. The Kumbh Song or Geet must capture the essence of Haridwar Kumbh 2021 and should be in simple language, which is easily understood by the people.
  7. The Selected entry and its copyright will be the property of the Mela Adhikari Office and Government of India and any changes deemed fit to improve the same will be undertaken.
  8. Participants will be judged on authenticity, theme, clarity of words, harmony, tune, rhythm, expression, discipline, timing and presentation.
  9. The decision of the judges will be final and binding under all circumstances.
  10. If two participants are found equally good, they may be declared as joint winners for the event.
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