MyGov Logo Design Contest Districts As Export Hubs: participate and win Rs 30,000

MyGov website is putting a lot of effort to shape up its quiz section. However, it also has a competitive section called tasks, which often gets overshadowed by quiz. MyGov Logo Design Contest Districts As Export Hubs is one such task that is both interesting and worthy of your attention. While Amazon India and Flipkart are building their quiz and video contests portfolio, the government is going towards a different path altogether.

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With these contests, quizzes and tasks, the MyGov website has a very clear goal: to encourage Indian citizens to participate and connect with them in a government designed platform. Depending on the contest or the task, participants will get different types of rewards. It could be either a cash prize or a certificate of participation. Here is everything you need to know.

MyGov Logo Design Contest Districts As Export Hubs: what you should know?

After MyGov Essay Writing Competition 2021 on Tryst with Destiny, MyGov has come up with another interesting challenge or task called Logo Design Contest Districts As Export Hubs. The Test your Road Safety Knowledge Quiz was designed to check your awareness about road safety. The Essay Writing Competition on Tryst with Destiny wanted participants to pen down that knowledge.

With MyGov Logo Design Contest Districts As Export Hubs, you need to create a logo around the theme of “Export promotion from Districts” or “Making Districts as Export Hubs”. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has shared his vision of turning each district in India into an export hub. Turning districts into export hubs is an initiative of the Department of Commerce. It is being implemented by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) in collaboration with DPIIT, other divisions of Department of Commerce, State/UT Governments and all the Districts in the country.

According to the contest page, the “Districts As Export Hubs” initiative would utilize the institutional mechanism (District Export Promotion Committees) created under this initiative to enable handholding and assistance of exporters by doorstep delivery of timely and relevant information. With this initiative, the small exporters as well as MSMEs from the District will get benefit of export opportunities in the overseas markets.

The outreach activities, trade fairs, buyer-seller meets etc under the initiative will provide exporters with platforms for wide and global reach of products and services from the district through E-commerce and digital marketing. The government says that this initiative will provide the exporters and entrepreneurs from the district an ecosystem for innovation or use of technology at district level to make them export competitive.

This transition will also reduce the transaction cost for the exporter at various stages of export cycle. Under this initiative, the products or services from the Districts with export potential are being identified and detailed action plans are being prepared with focus on export promotion, manufacturing, investment, employment generation through export growth from the Districts.

MyGov Logo Design Contest Districts As Export Hubs: eligibility criteria, time period and prizes to win

The Logo Design Contest is open for all the citizens of India. However, if you are an employee of the Department of Commerce or Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) or DPIIT then you are not eligible. Along with employees, their direct family members are also not eligible to participate in this contest.

The participants are required to design the logo around either of these two themes

  • Export promotion from Districts
  • Making Districts as Export Hubs

The logo design contest is now live on MyGov website and will conclude on March 10th, 2021. The winner of this competition will get Rs 30,000 in the form of reward.

MyGov Logo Design Contest Districts As Export Hubs: technical criteria

  • The participants should upload the logo in JPEG or PNG or PDF format only.
  • The logo should be designed in color but need not be square.
  • A specification sheet containing graphical construction of the design in exact proportions in a bigger size, along with final design, theme synopsis and concept is required to be submitted.
  • All technical details, including file formats, can be structured in the sheet itself.
  • The size of the final design may vary from 4 cms X 4 cms to 60 X 60 cms.
  • The logo should be in high resolution with a minimum 300 DPI.
  • The logo should be designed on a digital platform. The winner of the competition may be required to submit the design in open file format (EPS/CDR/PSD).
  • The logo should be usable on the website or social media such as Twitter or Facebook and on printed material such as black and white press releases, stationery and signage.
  • Participants should not imprint or watermark logo design.
  • All entries should not be submitted in compressed or self – extracting formats.
  • Every entry must be accompanied by a brief writeup/ explanation in maximum 250 words. This write up too should be uploaded, preferably in PDF format.

MyGov Logo Design Contest Districts As Export Hubs: how to participate

The participants must send in their entries to the creative corner section. If you submit your entries through any other medium or mode then it will neither be entertained nor considered for evaluation. So, here is how you can actually participate:

  • Go to the contest link page.
  • Click on the Login to Participate option.
  • If you are a registered user then Login using your Email ID or Mobile Number.
  • If you are a new user then click on the “Register Now” button and create your account first.
  • Once you login, you will be able to submit your Essay on Tryst with Destiny.

MyGov Logo Design Contest Districts As Export Hubs: terms and conditions

  1. Each participant or team can submit only one entry. The submission of entry is free.
  2. The design must be original and should not violate any provision of the Indian Copyright Act, 1957 or the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party.
  3. The design should not have been previously published in any print and digital media and must not contain any provocative, objectionable or inappropriate content.
  4. In case of any copyright issues, the participant or applicant will be responsible to settle any legal proceedings arising out of it at his or her end. DGFT will not be responsible.
  5. Plagiarism of any nature is not allowed. Anyone found infringing on others’ copyright would be disqualified from the contest.
  6. All entries are governed by the provisions of Emblems and Names (Prevention of improper use) Act, 1950 and any violation of the said Act will result in disqualification.
  7. All entries will be property of DGFT and may use entries as and when required.
  8. The winner will be declared through email or by way of announcing his or her name on the MyGov blog page.
  9. The result of the competition will also be uploaded on the DGFT/Department of Commerce’s website.
  10. Once a winner is declared, he/she will need to revert through email within to working days or else another winner will be chosen.
  11. The winning design would be the intellectual property of the DGFT/Department of Commerce and the winner shall not exercise any right over it.
  12. DGFT will have unfettered right to modify the prize – winning design/entry or add/delete any info/design feature in any form to it. The winner will not exercise any right over his/her design and shall not use it anyway.
  13. The winning entry is meant to be used by DGFT for promotional and display purpose, information, education and communication materials and also for any other use as may be deemed appropriate.
  14. There will be no notification to participants of rejected entries.
  15. DGFT reserves the right to cancel or amend all or any part of this competition.

MyGov Logo Design Contest Districts As Export Hubs: selection process for winners

  • All entries received by the stipulated date and found in order, shall be evaluated by a Selection Committee, constituted for the purpose.
  • The Committee will shortlist the entries and will decide the winner if an entry is found suitable.
  • All the entries would be judged on the basis of elements of creativity, simplicity, technical excellence, artistic merit and visual impact.
  • The most important one being how well they communicate the theme of Districts as Export Hubs or Export promotion from Districts.
  • The decision of the Selection Committee would be final and binding on all the contestants and no clarifications would be issued to any participant or on any decision of the Selection Committee.
  • There will be only one winner of the competition.
  • Any legal proceedings arising out of the competition/ its entries/ winners shall be subject to local jurisdiction of Delhi State only. Expenses incurred for this purpose will be borne by the parties themselves.
  • DGFT if it so decides, reserves the right not to proceed with the competition at any stage.
  • The winner will receive the reward of Rs 30,000 through electronic payment mode for which the necessary bank details will be taken after the declaration of winner of the contest.
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