Myntra Play & Earn: what is it, how to play games, earn and redeem stars, rewards, validity and more

Myntra is joining Amazon India and Flipkart to offer rewards to its customers by playing different contests on the platform. We have covered Amazon Daily Quiz and Flipkart Daily Trivia contest, now Myntra is joining the popular e-commerce platforms with its own take. Called Myntra Play & Earn, the section is filled with multiple different contests where participants can play and earn.

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The idea is not very different from what Flipkart or Snapdeal advocate on their own platforms. There is a dedicated section within the app where you can go and play different games. These include quiz, crossword, pictionary and others. By playing these games, you will get stars which can then be redeemed as rewards coupons that offer an extra discount on a minimum shopping amount.

What is Myntra Play & Earn and what can you win?

Myntra Play & Earn is the contest section of the Flipkart-owned fashion e-commerce platform. This section within the app allows Myntra customers to participate in different games and in the process earn digital stars. Flipkart, the parent of Myntra, has a dedicated hub called Flipkart Video where customers can play video contests and earn Supercoins. These Supercoins can then be used for shopping or paying for mobile recharge. The stars offered by Myntra are not very different from Flipkart’s Supercoins.

Here, we have multiple contests and each contest is guaranteed to offer a set number of stars if you meet the terms and conditions. Once you reach a certain threshold of stars, you can redeem that as an extra discount on your shopping on the app. At the time of joining, Myntra seems to be offering 500 stars. If you play games for 5-10 minutes then you can easily win another 500 stars to take your account to 1,000 stars.

There are no daily rewards in the form of stars for just playing but the contests themselves have a good amount of stars on offer. Stars earned on any day in a given month will expire on the last day of the following month. If a user has earned 500 stars across the days in the month of January 2021 then they will expire at 11:59pm on February 28th, 2021. This seems like a mix of approaches we have seen with both Flipkart and Snapdeal, which both have a dedicated games hub for their app users. With customers thinking hard about spending, these e-commerce platforms are going out of their way to push them to spend with these offers.

Myntra Play & Earn: how to play the games?

  • Download the Myntra app from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Either sign up for a new account or log in using your existing account.
  • Click on Explore from the bottom tab.Myntra
  • Tap on Play & Earn.Myntra
  • You will first see a prompt that reads, “Congrats! You have won 500 stars as Welcome Bonus on Play & Earn”.Myntra
  • Click on Start Playing.
  • Now, you will see a number of contests. Select the one you want to play.Myntra

What kind of contests can you play on Myntra Play & Earn?

At the time of writing, there are a total of five different games to play on the Play & Earn section of Myntra app. These are called Loveshot, Quiz, Crossword, Pictionary and Shopping Spree. All these contests are designed in such a way that questions are related to fashion. Here is everything you need to know about them.

Loveshot: Loveshot is a game where you need to shoot an arrow on a product shown on the screen. The arrow does not go straight and you need to draw a path for it to go in the right direction. The target number is specified and if you hit with minimal attempts then you qualify for the next level. With this game, you can earn up to 200 stars.

Quiz: This is a classic quiz where you will have a question and four different options. In the case of Myntra Play & Earn Quiz, these questions are from the world of fashion. There are a total of seven questions and you need to answer at least four of them correctly to win up to 200 stars. If you answer correctly, it is shown in blue and if you select a wrong answer then it is shown in pink.

Crossword: The world famous crossword, a staple diet on newspapers, is being reimagined for a fashion conscious platform here. You must answer the questions correctly to earn up to 200 stars. There is an option to change your answers in case you get them wrong in the first attempt.

Pictionary: With Pictionary, what you need to do is guess the city names with the help of the stickers. You can click on the hint button if you need help. There are up to 200 stars to earn in this game.

Shopping Spree: This competition is the difficult of the bunch. Here you need to fill a total of five shopping bags by pressing on a button named “Tap Here”. You need to fill them in 60 seconds and Myntra places technical barriers to make it difficult.

Myntra Play & Earn: what can you do with the stars?

Once you accumulate a sufficient number of stars, you will reach a milestone. This is similar to your credit card points. You can use these stars to claim rewards which include but are not limited to special offer coupons on Myntra. These rewards can be accessed in the Rewards section of the Play & Earn page. These stars earned have an expiry period, which will be mentioned in the details of rewards.

Here is a look at rewards listed by Myntra:

  • 1,000 stars – Extra Rs 100 off on shopping for Rs 1,999
  • 3,000 stars – Extra Rs 100 off on shopping for Rs 999
  • 5,000 stars – Extra Rs 250 off on shopping for Rs 1,999
  • 7,000 stars – Extra Rs 500 off on shopping for Rs 2,999
  • 10,000 stars – Extra Rs 1,000 off on shopping for Rs 4,499

Myntra Play & Earn: terms and conditions

  1. There is a maximum daily limit on the number of stars that can be earned per game.
  2. The rewards have an expiry date mentioned in the rewards page.
  3. A reward once claimed cannot be returned.
  4. It is mandatory to have a Myntra account to be able to earn stars and claim rewards.
  5. Myntra will credit stars instantly upon earning and reserves the right to credit stars in your account.
  6. Stars earned on any day in a given month will expire on the last day of the following month.
  7. These terms are subject to change at the sole discretion of Myntra.
  8. Stars are not transferable and cannot be converted to cash or used in lieu of cash.
  9. Your consent to the collection, transfer, sharing, use and otherwise processing of Your information in accordance with the Terms and the privacy policy published on the platform.
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