Mysterious HTC Smartphone Gets Certified by Wi-Fi Alliance

In August this year, HTC “re-entered” the Indian smartphone market with the Wildfire X, which is made by HTC brand licensee One Smart Technology. The company’s last smartphone was launched in June this year, the U19e. We have now spotted an unannounced HTC smartphone on the Wi-Fi Alliance website, suggesting the company may be planning to release a new device soon.

HTC 2Q8L100 Receives Wi-Fi Certification

The upcoming HTC smartphone certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance carries the model number 2Q8L100. According to the certification, the smartphone runs on Android 9 Pie and supports Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standards. Sadly, however, there is nothing else that is known regarding the hardware specifications of the ‘2Q8L100′ at this point.

That said, the fact that it comes with 802.11ac support suggests it will not be a budget smartphone. It is more likely to be a mid-range or flagship-grade smartphone instead. More details regarding the smartphone will likely surface online soon, as we expect it to be certified by a few other agencies in the coming weeks.

Speaking to TechCrunch earlier this month, HTC’s new CEO Yves Maitre had revealed that the company is planning to focus on the premium segment and countries with higher GDP instead of developing nations.

Maitre also admitted that the main reason behind HTC’s current situation is the fact that the company stopped innovating and will now have to catch up with companies like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei to recover from its mistakes. He also claimed that a new flagship device with best in class hardware and photography will arrive “in the next few months”.

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