Nail-biting viral video shows train passing over a steep cliff


  • The video depicts a train crossing a steep cliff
  • During the clip, the camera is panned as the train spirals around the bridge

It is not uncommon for anyone to gasp in wonder at the beauty of nature. Additionally, humans have built splendid structures that provide a magnificent view of those stunning landscapes. This bridge over a steep cliff is one of a kind. If you like adventure videos, there is nothing like them to tickle your fancy. The only downside is that if you are afraid of heights, you may feel a bit dizzy while watching it.

This video was shared on Twitter and showed a train passing over a steep cliff. The person filming the clip pans the camera to show how high the cliff is as the train snakes around it. “Terrifying view of a steep cliff while on a moving train,” reads the caption.

There have been over 15 million views and tons of reactions to the video. Several people wrote about how the video made them realize they were afraid of heights; others simply said they would pass on such an opportunity or take a flight to the destination. There were, however, many who wanted to travel the specific route and experience the rush of adrenaline.

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