Netflix introduces Hindi user interface: here’s how to enable it

On: August 7, 2020

Netflix has been making efforts to bolster its presence in India and it has now taken another step towards doing so. The OTT platform now lets users change the interface language to Hindi. This is Netflix’s attempt to make its platform more accessible to a larger Indian audience.

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Notably, the company launched a mobile-only plan with monthly rental of Rs 199 last year with the intention to make it accessible for eveyone. Now, with the ability to choose Hindi as the primary language for its interface, the company also ensured that more users can comfortably operate the app as well. Here’s how you can enable Hindi in the app.

How to enable Hindi in Netflix

Netflix is now offering Hindi language for its interface in India

Netflix now lets you switch the user interface to Hindi

The new Hindi interface will available to all users across mobile, tv and website. However, making the switch to Hindi can be done only from a web browser. Therefore you will have to visit the official website of Netflix on the browser of your device and follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Netflix account on your browser
  2. Under user profiles, tap on Manage Profiles
  3. Click on the profile where you want to change the language
  4. You will see the language box below the profile name
  5. Click on the arrow in the box and select Hindi from the list

As is clear by the process, you cannot make the language change across all user profiles associated with the Netflix account at once. Instead, you will have to change it individually for each profile. Once applied, Hindi will be applied across the entire interface including search, previews, collections, and payments page.

Notably, users worldwide will have the option to change the user interface language to Hindi, as this is not just limited to India.

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