Netflix Rs 299 Mobile+ under pilot testing, here’s how it compares with Rs 199 and Rs 499 subscription plans

  • Netflix is testing a new Mobile+ plan in India
  • The new plan is priced at Rs 299 per month
  • The plan lets users stream in HD on mobile and laptop

Netflix is now testing its Mobile+ plan in India priced at Rs 299. The plan is an upgrade over the Netflix Mobile plan, letting you stream HD content on the platform. The Rs 199 Netflix Mobile plan lets users stream content in standard resolution on a single mobile device.

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The new Netflix Mobile+ plan allows users to watch content on mobile, tablet and desktop/computer devices. However, it does not let users stream on TV.

Netflix Mobile+ plan being tested in India

Netflix is testing its Mobile+ Plan in India

Netflix is testing its Mobile+ Plan in India

This is not the first time Netflix is testing out a plan like this in India. In July last year, the streaming platform launched the exact same plan but at a higher price point of Rs 349. The test was soon discontinued considering users didn’t find value in it. Now, Netflix is testing the plan with a new name – Mobile+ and a lower denomination of Rs 299 to see if it works this time around.

As mentioned before, the Netflix Mobile+ plan will offer users access to 1080p content on the platform on mobile as well as computer devices including PC, Mac, and Chromebook. Currently, the plan is not available to all as the company is testing it out with select few customers to see if it works, and will only then roll it out widely.

Upon reaching out to Netflix, a spokesperson said, “We launched the mobile plan in India to make it easier for anyone with a smartphone to enjoy Netflix. We want to see if members like the added choice Mobile+ brings. We’ll only roll it out long-term if they do.”

Notably, Netflix users in India watch more on their mobile device compared to Netflix users around the world. This prompted the streaming platform to launch the mobile plan at Rs 199 a month in July 2019 and now start testing the Rs 299 Mobile+ plan.

Netflix Rs 199 Mobile plan vs Rs 299 Mobile+ plan vs Rs 499 Basic plan

The Rs 199 Netflix Mobile plan is the most basic offering from the streaming platform. It lets users stream in 480p on a single device, which can be either a phone or a tablet. The Rs 299 Mobile+ plan bumps up the resolution to 1080p and also brings support for computer devices including PC, Mac, and Chromebook apart from mobile and tablet.

The Rs 499 Netflix Basic plan is ideal for those who want an affordable plan to watch content on all devices including mobile, tablet, computer, and TV. However, the plan offers streaming in 480p resolution only.

Netflix Plan Price Resolution Devices supported
Mobile Rs 199 SD (480p) Mobile and Tablet
Mobile+ Rs 299 HD (1080p) Mobile, Tablet, and Computer
Basic Rs 499 SD (480p) Mobile, Tablet, Computer, and TV
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