No more ‘Netflix Password Sharing’ in India: Here’s how you can share accounts by creating Netflix Household


  • Netflix takes stringent measures against password sharing in India
  • Netflix Household and Netflix Profile Transfer suggested to maintain the integrity of its services
  • Find out how to create Netflix Household and manage Netflix Profile

In a significant move to combat password sharing, Netflix has officially announced a crackdown on account sharing in India. The streaming giant has implemented strict rules, limiting users in the country from sharing their accounts with individuals outside of their households. This development follows the success of a similar initiative launched in the US and Canada in May, which resulted in nearly 6 million new subscribers for the popular streaming platform.

Netflix’s New Policy on Account Sharing

Under the new policy, Netflix has emphasized that each account is now exclusively intended for use within one household. The streaming platform has clarified that every member of the household can enjoy their Netflix content at home, on the go, or even during vacations. This policy also introduces innovative features like Transfer Profile and Manage Access and Devices, enhancing the overall user experience for subscribers.

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Netflix Household

To ensure compliance with the policy, Netflix will employ various criteria, including IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity, to determine if a device belongs to the designated household. To initiate this process, users will be required to set up a Netflix Household, designating their primary residence as the location where the account will be used. Consequently, only devices connected to the same internet connection as the primary location will be granted access to the account. Borrowers of Netflix passwords from outside the household will be prompted with a notification, urging them to create their own account when attempting to log in.

How to create and manage Netflix Household

  1. Login to Netflix on your TV and click on “Get Help” option (bottom right corner)
  2. Select “Manage Netflix Household.”
  3. Confirm the inclusion of your TV in the Netflix Household.
  4. Verify account ownership via email or SMS.
  5. Click on the provided link in the verification text to view devices connected to the same internet connection.
  6. Confirm your Netflix Household, ensuring secure access for authorized members only.

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Netflix Profile Transfers

In addition to the new password-sharing policy, Netflix now allows users to transfer profiles between accounts. Netflix Profile Transfer feature enables a seamless transfer of personalized content preferences, recommendations, viewing history, My List, saved games, and settings from one profile to another.

How to Manage Netflix Profile Transfer

  1. Login on Netflix on phone or laptop
  2. Sign in and navigate to the profile you wish to transfer.
  3. Find the “Settings” option and locate the “Transfer this profile” feature.
  4. Click on “Start Profile Transfer,” and Netflix will prompt you to choose between transferring the profile to a new or existing account.
  5. If you are new user, a purchase to new Netflix membership is mandatory
  6. If you are an existing user, providing the associated email and password is mandatory.



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