Netflix’s ‘Play Something’ feature automatically plays TV shows or movies based on your interests


  • Netflix has launched the Play Something feature to users worldwide
  • It was previously dubbed ‘Shuffle Play’
  • The feature automatically plays content based on the user’s preferences

Netflix’s Play Something feature is rolling out to all users globally. It is actually a shuffle feature that picks up a TV show or film for the user based on their preferences and watch history. 

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The popular OTT streaming platform has been testing the shuffle feature since last year. The Play Something feature is limited to the Netflix TV app for now. It is expected to arrive on mobile devices later this year. The latest feature from Netflix aims to solve the problem of users who can’t decide to watch next. 

Netflix launches Play Something feature

As the name suggests, hitting the Play Something button will automatically play a title (movie or show) from Netflix’s vast catalogue based on your likes and previous watchlist. Apart from the user’s preferences, the feature will also recommend a series or film they are already watching, an unfinished one or even titles that have been on the user’s wishlist. Netflix won’t suggest and play random content or titles that have been already watched. 

Netflix Director of Product Innovation, Cameron Johnson said that the Play Something feature can play as many as 75 shows. This means that users can press the button several times until they stumble upon something that suits their interests. 

Netflix Play Something feature: how to find it 

Users can find and use the Play Something feature in three different ways. 

  • The Netflix Play Something feature is visible under each profile name. 
  • It can also be found in the tenth row on the Netflix home page
  • Lastly, the Play Something button is also located in the navigation menu on the left side just below the Home button.

Once the Play Something feature is turned on, it will be indicated with a border on the screen and the button on the right side. Users can click on the Play Something Else option to switch to the next series or film. There’s also an exit button on the top left to go back to using Netflix normally.

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