Netflix recommended TV list for 2019 is out, includes models from Sony, Samsung and Panasonic

Netflix is one of the most popular videos streaming services globally. It offers a mix of original shows and movies, plus well-curated content that can be accessed across all devices on multiple platforms. That being said, Netflix is best enjoyed when viewed on TV. Every year, the streaming service releases recommendations of TV’s that offers the best experience for viewing Netflix, and the list for 2019 has just been announced.

Netflix has set certain criteria for making the list, and TVs that are able to satisfy at least 5 points out of the 7 are included. The list of criteria includes the ability to instantly power off/ on Netflix, a Netflix button on the remote, and a high-resolution user interface. It is worth noting that Netflix has also added a new criteria called Always Fresh. This requires the TV to refresh the Netflix app in the background and thus ensure visibility of the latest content. If you are a big-time Netflix user, the certification will ensure that you get the best experience of the video streaming platform on your TV. The “Netflix Recommended TV” logo assures that the TV has been tested by Netflix for the best performance and a superlative Netflix viewing experience.

That being said, the list only includes TVs from Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung. You can take a look at the models before.

Since this is a global list, not all the TV models mentioned above are currently available in India – the Samsung Q900 series was launched recently, and a few others from the list may make it to the country in the future.