Why I Never Use A Tempered Glass Or Back Cover For My Smartphone

On: August 3, 2017

From the last couple of years, our smartphones have become bigger and bigger with maximum real estate taken by the display. Starting from an era of 3-3.5 inches LCDs which were considered huge back in 2007, we are now seeing smartphones with display size even more than 5.5 inches. Bigger the display size, more the chances of breaking the display with a slip of a hand. Removing the bezels only makes it worse. So, there comes the opportunity for tempered glass manufacturers to fill up the vacuum.

In just a couple of years, we witnessed the growth of a market for tempered glass and back cover for smartphones. We live in a time where people tend to buy the tempered glass even before the smartphone on which it will be pasted upon. Of course, no one wants to see blemishes on their newly bought smartphone. There’s no doubt, putting on a tempered glass offers an additional sense of safety. And, all of this makes complete sense too. But not for me. I beg to differ.

I’ve never used a tempered glass or a back cover for my smartphone ever. I’d like to believe that smartphones are made to be used in the same raw form, just like they arrive in the box. Nothing else should be put on them. A smartphone is a piece of art in which designers and the engineering team behind them poured their heart out. It doesn’t need any garnish. I like to live those moments when a product rests in my hand and I sense the craftsmanship or the intangible quality of the product with just one glance at it.

Proudly holding a device and feeling its texture is my kind of giving the tribute to the craftsman who put his hard work crafting this product. A craftsman who went to a special school to study the craft, worked his/her way from starting as an apprentice to finally become the master of that art. He/She deserves this.

If a smartphone is designed with a thickness of 6mm and someone is using a back cover even with a single millimetre thickness, my heart aches. I feel that those numerous hours, which went into designing the product and shrinking it bit by bit to make it just 0.1mm more thinner, all went in vain. Especially, if I see a back cover put onto a phone like OnePlus One which came with magnificent sandstone back. I just feel like a sharp-toothed creature eating me from inside.

Did I go too far? May be. Anyway, I know you won’t agree with me. And that’s okay. I’m not trying to impose it on anyone. I used to, but not anymore. I’m just another [stupid] idealist justifying my reasons. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

Narender Charan

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