New 360 Degree Renders of the Google Pixel Smartphone Leaked

With the iPhone 7 out of the way and Samsung dropping a bummer on the Note 7, the last quarter of the year is now keenly awaiting the new Nexus, we mean the Pixel smartphones. Google is expected to retire the Nexus lineup with the Nexus 5X and 6P and introduce an all new Pixel lineup. Just as the first Nexus device, the first Pixel device is expected to be made by HTC, with Huawei working on a 7-inch tablet this time. With the internet being the worst place to keep a secret, plenty of information and pictures have leaked already of the upcoming Pixel phones.

If you have not had enough, a full 360-degree render of the Pixel, or the smaller Nexus phone that was codenamed, Sailfish have leaked out. The larger device, called the Pixel XL, codenamed Marlin is expected to bear the same design as the Pixel, though it will be a bit bigger in the size. This marks an interesting new move by Google as last year, the Nexus 5X and 6P were designed distinctively differently, with the 5X very clearly being an inferior product.


According to the leaked 360-degree render, the Pixel phone will have a metal and glass construction, with the back seeing the lower half of the chassis being metallic while the upper half sporting glass. There are antennae lines on the back, though only at the bottom do they run across the back. With no visible speaker grille, it may be worth speculating that HTC may have gone with an HTC 10 like setup, with a stereo speaker set, with one bottom firing unit and the earpiece doubling up as the second speaker. The back of the phone has a fingerprint scanner, LED flash and the camera, but no HTC branding. There is USB Type-C at the bottom of the device and what looks like two grilles, one for speaker and the other to act as a microphone. The phone does have chamfered edges, and therefore the sides mimic the Nexus 6P more than the 5X.

Google is expected to announce the new Pixel smartphones on October 4th, so we have another 20 or so days before anything is confirmed.


Arpit Verma

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